Birsa Munda : A   great leader of Tribal Movement 

Birsa Munda : A   great leader of Tribal Movement 

Birsa Munda : A great leader of Tribal Movement – Today Current Affairs

Context : Birsa Munda was an Indian tribal freedom fighter, religious leader, and folk hero who belonged to the Munda tribe. He led the tribal movement against the British and finally the British captured Birsa Munda and He was martyred in 1900 in Ranchi Central Jail . 

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The rebellion (Ulgulan) of Munda tribesmen , led by Brisa Munda occurred during 1899-1900. For over thirty the Munda sardars had been struggling against the destruction of their system of common land holding by intrusion of Jagirdars , Thekedras (revenue farmers ) and merchant money lenders 

Who was Birsa Munda : The Hindu Analysis

  • Birsa was a religious leader who took birth in the tribal area of Lohardaga district of Bengal Presidency in 1874 .Presently his birth place is situated in Jharkhand .  His family was a poor sharecropper. He believed in God because his family was also a religious family. In fact during British rule the entire land revenue system has been transformed for the benefits of the Zamindars and the capitalist class. Tribal could not  tolerate the intervention of the Dikus (outsiders) in their land and they protested against British rule .  The Hindu Analysis
  • Birsa organized the tribe on the grounds of religion . He declared himself to be a divine messenger , possessing miraculous healing powers .He organized thousands of the people against the British rule he declared himself as the Messiah and started to deliver religious messages . Under the influence of the sardars , the religious movement soon acquired an agrarian and political content . Birsa began to move from village to village , organizing rallies and mobilizing his followers on religious and political grounds. On Christmas Eve, 1899, Birsa proclaimed a rebellion to establish Munda rule in the land and encouraged “the killing of thekedars ” and “Jagirdars ” and Rajas and hakims and Christians . satyug would be established in place of the present day kaliyaug. He declared that ‘’ there was going to be fight with Dikus, the ground would be as red as the red flag with their blood. The non tribal poor were not to be attacked . 
  • To bring about liberation, the Birsa gathered a force of 6000 Mundas armed with swords , spears, battle axes and bows and arrows. He was, however, captured in the beginning of February 1900 and he died in Jail in June . The rebellion had failed . but Birsa entered the realm of legend 

What is the significance of the Munda revolt : The Hindu Analysis

The Munda revolt was a significant incident of the Indian national movement. Thousand of the people raised the voice against the economic exploitation and the incursion and The Mundas showed their bravery however they could not get proper support of the intellectual but many leaders of the congress praised their bravery. 1857 revolt was the revolt of the sepoy or those rulers whose states were snatched by the British but the Munda movement was a movement of grassroot level people those fought against British even in the lack of the sophisticated weapons .

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As per the above discussion , it is analyzed that we should be inspired from the freedom fighter who sacrificed his life for the liberty of his land and his values. The Munda rebellion did not kill the poor people (Non Tribal). Our government should develop the ancestral place of the Birsa Munda also. Birsa Munda is relevant in modern days also. He lifted the arms when he lost every options to get liberation .But in democracy , we have the tool of electoral procedure so in democracy the violent way of protest should not be accepted but still the protest for the Rights and liberty in non violent way should be encouraged.

In this article we mention all information about Birsa Munda : A great leader of Tribal Movement  Today Current Affairs.

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