Changing paradigm of security order during post cold war : An Analysis

Changing paradigm of security order during post cold war : An Analysis

Changing paradigm of security order during post cold war- Today Current Affairs

Context : By 15th February, Russia had announced that it is pulling back some of its troops from areas close to Ukraine after a long standoff. But simultaneously Russia said that she will not compromise her national interest of security mainly NATO’s open door policy 

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Introduction : 

  • Recently , the world has been facing the big target of the Ukraine Russia conflict for several weeks and this conflict could be converted into real war at any time but now this threat is about to end . The Ukraine crisis has brought the unstable security architecture in Europe to the fore of U.S.-Russia ties
  • This crisis has erupted in the world whether the great power rivalry is back in the continent.
  • In fact after the end of the cold war European  European security architecture could not be completed yet . Security equilibrium is still to be established . Russian and Ukraine relations were bitter for a long time because of the interest of Russian people who are residing in Ukraine and from the side of NATO , Russia also wanted some assurance. In fact , America is pulling itself from the affairs of Europe and Asia so that it could focus towards her only rival China. Russia and American deal can be seen in this regard 

Russian Achievement during this Standoff : The Hindu Analysis

  • If we analyze the Ukraine-Russian conflict, we see that after pulling off her army from the border of Ukraine, Russia did not get anything, however Russia also accepted that . but through this, The U.S.-led West has at last recognized what Russia has been saying since 1994 that the security architecture in Europe is not appropriate and it should be re architectured . The West is willing to address and discuss this appears to be a big victory for Russia.
  • Through this, Russia had attracted the attention of the entire world . Russia knows that defeating Ukraine and the Partition of Ukraine would be beneficial for Russia for always , it will just increase the insecurity of Russia only . Some European countries like France and Germany had showed little tilt towards Russia by refusing the arms supply to Ukraine from Germany 
  • In fact, European countries know this fact that they will be more influenced in comparison to America if any conflict starts with Russia . therefore Europe will look at Russia differently from the U.S. So, naturally, Europe’s interest is in accommodation. Europe’s interest in sorting out this matter is immediate and existential, while the U.S.’s is strategic and long term.
  • After this standoff , Europe at least showed its concern toward the demands of Russia. Today Current Affairs.
  • Russia essentially has three demand 
    • Ukraine and Georgia should not join NATO.
    •  the Ukraine impasse should be resolved
    • these mutual security guarantees that we’ve all been talking about.
  • Russia wants legal guarantees of these demands but the implementation of Minsk accords (for detail, see previous article) is one of the fundamental demands of Russia which is tending towards being fulfilled . The Guarantee of mutual security would also be gradually given 
  • Infact , Russia know this fact that US is now focusing more towards Indo pacific region and US is also facing some domestic problems also therefore Russia selected this time to create pressure on US however Russia had been demanded in this regard for 1990s 

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What are the implications of the crisis for India? The Hindu Analysis

  • The recent situation is beneficial for India because America will never want to confront Russia and China simultaneously therefore America will not interfere in the matter of Ukraine any more . Therefore , in this way India is free to support Russia diplomatically however India also indirectly supported Russia in 2014 when Russia had annexed Crimea . India can make better equilibrium between the West and Russia. This situation makes India free to deal with Russia without any American pressure 
  • But this is the subject of great concern that Russia and China are coming to closure. India should continue to keep its close eyes on the bilateral relation of Russia and China but Generally Russia would never want to be a junior partner of China . Since 1990, Russia will always searching for a good partner of her equal status (Economically), definitely Russia will prefer India in comparison to China but India should be more alert in this regard


After the end of the cold war , the world has become unipolar , but the world could not get stable. After 2000. China is continuously increasing her power and adopting aggressive policy either in the matter of Taiwan or in the matter of Indonesia and border dispute with India. Therefore , now America has to shift its focus towards the Indo pacific region from European affairs. After 2014, the security order is continuously shifting and India should be very much alert in this regard.

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