China has been claiming over Arunachal Pradesh GS – Paper II Source : The Hindu 

China has been claiming over Arunachal Pradesh GS – Paper II Source : The Hindu 

China has been claiming over Arunachal Pradesh- Today Current Affairs

Context : Chinese ministry of Civil Affairs said that it had issued “Standardized” names for 15 places in Arunachal pradesh , to be use henceforth on official chinese map, part of broader recent moves by Beijing to step up its territorial claims 

Introduction : China has been claiming over Arunachal Pradesh for a long time even though it is an integral part of India . Once agin China showed the name of 15 places of Arunachal Pradesh. China had also sought to assign such  names in 2017.

Arunachal Pradesh is shown on Chinese map as Zangnan or South Tibet and in 2017 , Beijing issued six official names for places there, which was at the time seen as a retaliatory move after the Tibetan spiritual leader Dalia Lama , visited the state 

India’s Concern: The Hindu Analysis

The 15 new standardized names along with their exact coordinates and a map released on last days , ahead of new border law coming into force 

India had already expressed its concern over the new laws which take effect on 1 jan , 2022, saying that China’s unilateral decision to bring out a legislation which can have implications on our existing bilateral arrangements on border management. 

About the Law: The Hindu Analysis

The law was proposed in march . It calls for various Chinese civilian and military agencies to take steps to safeguard Chinese territory and has coincided with stepped up plans by China to bolster its control along disputed areas , including by constructing “frontier ” villages and civilian settlements 

This law lays down that PRC (People Republic of China) shall set up markers on the boundary of China clearly as per the agreement with the neighbor and The PLA (People Liberation Army ) and Chinese people’s Armed police force will take the responsibility to protect and manage  the Chinese border . This includes the construction of any permanent building in border regions . Even citizens and local organizations are mandated to protect and defend the border infrastructure, maintain security and stability of borders and cooperate with government agencies in maintaining border security.the law provides for the border to be sealed in the event of a war, armed conflict, incidents which threaten the security of border residents such as biological and chemical accidents, natural disasters, and public health incidents.

What steps should be taken by Indian Government : Today Current Affairs

  • India’s main concern is that China is adopting an aggressive policy on the cost of border security . As per the global times along with the name of 15 places , four mountains, two rivers and open mountain pass were also shown in the map of China . Zhang Yongpan , an expert of border issue in Chinese Academy of Social science stated (As per the report of Global times ) Since the Zangnan area has been illegally occupied by India , and the Indian government has also established some illegal names in this area 

  • India should immediately counter and strictly should give a message that any intervention in the sovereignty of India should never be tolerated . 

  • Indian government should be too much alert regarding the illegal activities of the Chinese people near border area

  • Again in front of the world, we should say that we respect Buddha (Peace)as well as yuddha (War ). 


Although Indians have been following the policy of peace and non violence but the non violence of India should not be understood as the cowardness. We are the followers of Ashoka , Who was the scratch follower of Buddhism but still he never compromised with the integration of his state . Even though we are the supporters of peace, peace would not be earned on the cost of sovereignty and integration of the country . 


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