Clean energy : A necessity for Indian economy

Clean energy : A necessity for Indian economy

Clean energy : A necessity for Indian economy – Today Current Affairs

Context : An efficient waste management ecosystem is crucial to manage the huge waste generated in India’s new energy push

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Introduction :

  • Recently, during the budget session of the parliament the Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman focused on the advancement of technologies . Her main focus has been to remain on the development of clean energy like solar energy. For the Indian economy, solar energy /clean energy is a necessity because we import petroleum at high rates . We have to decrease our dependence on petroleum products . We have to shift our energy requirement from petroleum energy to clean energy 
  • If we focus on the waste management ecosystem , we can generate renewable  energy projects in the coming year . We should make efficient waste management ecosystem
  • There is the good future of the clean energy as described by International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) — an intergovernmental organization  estimated the energy need of India and in its study it is found that India would need over 5,630 GW of solar and 1,792 GW of wind energy to achieve its net-zero target in the year 2070. 
  •  India could achieve its target only through renewables waste management and recycling ecosystem and a clear framework is needed for this 

A Frame work : The Hindu Analysis

  • However there is already a waste management’s policy in India but several rules of the existing electronic waste management must be reviewed so that the Renewable energy Industry could be benefited . Currently there are several complex rules for the industries related to renewable energy  comprising various manufacturers, assemblers, importers and distributors. Separate stakeholders must be regulated by separate rules and annual targets for the collecting and the recycling of waste by different stakeholders must be justified. 
  • Government should bring strong rules against the dumping and burning of different components. These components should be banned completely. Currently burning and dumping is the easiest way and through the landfilling practice the renewable energy waste is being managed which is not environmentally sustainable
  • Therefore , We should do hard work in this regard. High level of research and development is needed to tackle these issue related to waste management 
  • The industry related to renewable energy must invest in research and development so that we could get the best way for recycling the waste . An innovative means is required for waste management. Central government should incorporate these industries .
  •  With public private partnership, new innovative industries related to the recycling of the waste must be established to assure a minimum waste quantum to run these facilities and issuing performance-based green certificates to recyclers that could be traded to raise money for waste management would also help ease the financial burden. A market for recycled materials could also be created through mandatory procurement by the renewable energy and other relevant 
  • In informal sector the waste management is very poor but for getting the target of the sustainable development we can not ignore the informal sectors 

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As per the above discussion it is almost clear that , renewable energy is not required to fulfill l over economical requirement but also to boost Indian economy . Clean energy is the necessity of the Indian economy. One side will reduce our dependence on the petroleum sector and the other side will create new jobs in the new sector .

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Source : The Hindu (Editorial)

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