Communal Politics and Hate Speeches : Big threats for Unity of India GS paper I.Papaer III and Essay (Source : The Hindu, indian Express )

Communal Politics and Hate Speeches : Big threats for Unity of India GS paper I.Papaer III and Essay (Source : The Hindu, indian Express )

Communal Politics and Hate Speeches- Today Current Affairs

Context : Two back-to-back killings of political rivals — with communal overtones — in Alappuzha district have shattered the peace. Before today an atmosphere of communal conflict was being prepared because of the forthcoming elections in Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Uttarakhand and punjab 

Introduction : 

For the last few days it has been observed that an atmosphere of polarization of the public of a particular community is being done and this effort of polarization is done through hate speeches . During various events , most recently in Haridwar and Delhi  in which a call for the genocite of the Muslims had been given . 

These hate speaches are not only targeting Muslim communities but also all the minority communities like Dalits, Sikkha and the Christians 

What is the communal Politics: The Hindu Analysis

The politics based on the welfare of a particular community is communal politics . In fact the concept of political parties came to existence with the evolution of the concept of democracy . All the people of sme ideology and of common interest gathered in groups and fought for their own interest. In Monochromatic society or the countries this unity on the bases of community is beneficial and we see the emergence of the nation state on such ground in Europe. 

But the condition of India is quite different. We are residing in a diversified culture and only the common interest of all the people should be addressed  because that common interests are the elements of nationalism . In such culturally diversified countries , the interest of minorities must be protected and on any movement of the time , minorities should not feel any threat from majorities. Therefore communal harmony is essential for the stability of countries like India . But democracy politics compels to political parties for the polarization of the majority which could be done only through communal politics by showing the fear of one community against the another community 

Hate Speeches : The Hindu Analysis

Hate speeches are the speeches where the used language is an abusive type of language and its nature is a threatening nature against any other caste, creed and community, etc . 

Generally the objective of these speeches are to attract the people of a particular community as well as to prove them against the rival community (based on religion , caste , creed , sex etc) . Generally these speeches are the tool to be used during the time of an election so that many people could be attracted and the main issues would be subdued . 

Role of Election commission in Hate Speeches : The Hindu Analysis

Although in the matter of Hate speeches election commision can take strong action against the person and the communities who delivered such hate speeches but , this power of election commission may be functionalized after the notification of the election . 

Role of Government regarding Hate speeches : This is the responsibility of the government to maintain law and order and any such efforts which are destroying the communal harmony must be prevented and the offenders must be punished with strong punishment , But in democratic politics generally the governments seem biased to take action against such crimes .In this regard, the responsible people, eminents scholars and the civil society must pressurize government to take action against such hate speakers without any biases otherwise, our Judiciary and the media which are important pillars of democracy must pressurize government to take action irrespective of political biases 

Conclusion : 

For every citizen , the stability of the country is important. The country and our nation must be strong and prosper. For this, communal unity is essential which can be achieved only by providing assurance of security and the protection of the interests of the minorities . All the political parties must think about the well being of the country and its citizens first. Communal politics would create a breach among people only . Paying their respect towards the country, this is the responsibility of the civil societies , eminent scholars and the constitutional institution to  and they should keep their close eyes towards the political and must boycott those politicians those who are encouraging this communal politics   


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