Evaluation of the French format on Russia Ukraine Crisis

Evaluation of the French format on Russia Ukraine Crisis

Evaluation of the French format on Russia Ukraine Crisis- Today Current Affairs

Context : Recently the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to Russia bears fruits which paved the way for peace at the Ukraine border and Russian leader Vladimir Putin assured him that Russia would not escalate the crisis.

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Introduction : 

  • Russia Ukraine crisis has been continuing for a long time . Russia has deployed more than ten thousand soldiers at the border of the Ukraine . To counter Russia,  NATO has adopted strong measures also. Russia has been continuously opposing the demand of Ukraine to be a member of NATO. But Recently with the intervention of France, The Ukraine-Russia crisis is now over .
  • French President Emmanuel Macron who has held talks with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in Moscow and Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev stated on the behalf of both that both sides have come to an agreement and committed for peace as per the Minsk accord of 2014-15. Gradually Russia would withdraw its troops and Moscow has issued sweeping demands, including rolling back NATO from Eastern Europe, which the West has rejected.
  • In fact, the main concern of Russia is to stop Ukraine and NATO cooperation and that is continuously increasing the coast of black sea 
  • Even though the US has been also trying for dialogue with Russia for a long time and US has made efforts to reduce military drill in eastern flank of Europe. France is trying to reduce the tension through the talks which would be based on the Normandy Format Talks  (including France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine). However Moscow-Kiev dialogue based on the Minsk protocol was accepted by both the parties  NATO and Russia 

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Normandy Format : The Hindu Analysis

The Normandy Format  was a format of talks to stop Ukraine Russian war in 2014 . In this format mainly four countries participated two- Russia and Ukraine and two other mediators Germany and France . It was concluded in  Normandy, France, It  was an effort to resolve the war in Donbas. It has also been known as the Normandy contact group.

Minsk Protocol: The Hindu Analysis

It is an agreement concluded at the end of war between Russia and Ukraine in 2014 in the Donbas region of Ukraine. It was written in 2014 by the Trilateral Contact Group on Ukraine, consisting of Ukraine, the Russian Federation. It was written by  5 September 2014 in Russian language 


Evaluation :

  • Initially America was showing its arrogance and continuously threatening Russia and even America had threatened Russia who would close the Nord 2. But other members of NATO did not agree with this type of aggression because they knew this fact very well that Europe had faced two world wars and cold war which had badly impacted the life of Europeans .
  • Therefore other countries of NATO wanted to negotiate for peace and in this regard the effort of France was a successful effort. Germany and Hungary also want peace . Even Though , openly Germany did not say anything, it stopped supplying arms to Ukraine from Estonia, the tiny NATO member that shares a border with Russia. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Organ also supported the demand of Russia and stated that the demands of Russia are reasonable
  • Besides, Turkey is also supporting peace and during the last visit of the Turkish president to Ukraine , Turkey had proposed for the peace summit under its leadership .  Today Current Affairs.
  • Any way, all the things discussed above show that there are different views among the members of the NATO on the issue of Russia Ukraine Crisis 
  • Now the point is whether France and Germany would protect Europe from another disaster of the war through their effort of conversations or not . 
  • In these talk , the Russia supported separatist of the Ukraine would be given general amnesty and there should be a change in the constitution of the Ukraine for proving maximum autonomy to those regions . If the Normandy Format talks could be convened and Russia and Ukraine take steps to revive the agreement, it would be a diplomatic breakthrough.


Definitely , the effort of France and Germany is appreciable and these two countries of Europe are trying to save Europe from another disaster but the American attitude before one month on the issue of this Crisis would have enhanced this tension . 


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