Fashion of Mughal Period : Use of Stylish Glasses (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Fashion of Mughal Period : Use of Stylish Glasses (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Context : 

  • Sotheby, a famous exhibition centre of London declared that the Two pairs of bejewelled Mughal-era spectacles set with diamond and emerald lenses are expected to fetch millions (approx 3.5 millions ) each when they are auctioned in London 

Fashion During Mughals 

  • Mughal Period was the witness of Luxurious and prosper life style of the royal people They used various types of ornaments , clothes jewelries of too much prestigious stones 

  • Last days we saw that some glasses of the Mughal periods are brought for auction in the exhibition in London 

  • The use of precious stone implies that the people of that time were spiritual enlightened 

  • The name of the two pairs of glasses are “Gate of Paradise” & “Halo of Light ”,. In first pair of the glass we  see the  lenses were set in diamond-mounted frames while in other pair of glasses diamonds were used for lenses also and frame is also made of diamond 

  • Scholars predict that these lenses are related to  the 17th century while the frames are from the 19th century.

  • Regarding the use of glasses there are many stories related to it. Many scholars thought that these glasses were brought by the Europeans , particularly by the Portuguese . Definitely Mughals Mughals absolutely loved gemstones, so they had to buy these precious stones 

  • In fact the raw materials used in Glasses were definitely brought from the Golconda mines (in India) and at the Mughal court by using these stones , they made glasses. Up to what extend technology used in these glasses are Indians or were learned about glasses from Portuguese 

Mughal Costume 

  • During the Mughal Period male and female both used very luxurious and costly clothes to wear. The rich people, mainly the people from the royal family, wore luxurious clothes . Women wore beautiful and expensive clothes made from the finest materials and adorned themselves with jewellery from head to toe.

  • The garments used during that time were the most demandable garments in Entire world. The material used in Garments were silk, velvet and brocade 

  • Muslims used various types of clothes like  Ab-e-Rawan (running water), Baft Hawa (woven air) and Shabnam (evening dew). Muslins called Shabnam were brought from Dacca and were famous as Dhaka malmal.

Following were the names of the dresses wore at the time of Mughal Period 

  • Peshwaz Peshwaz Yalek Pai-Jama: DhiljaThe Jama The Chogha:

  • Mughal Men’s Clothing:

  • Dhoti 

  • Paijama 

  • Churidar 

  • Shalwar 

  • Garara 

  • Farshi 

There are some head wears also. During the Mughal period male and female both wore on their head like various types of turbans decorated with various types of ornaments and these turbans were printed in various colours. Mughal royal people they used very precious stones in their turban also

Apart from this , people wore footwear of various designs and styles . Most of them are still popular in the entire world and some of them have lost their significance. They used leather as well as clothes in such footwear . They used diamonds and other costly stones on foot wear also . On the basis of the above analysis we may conclude that during the Mughal period the concept of fashion was there and various types of dressing and ornaments were used by the public. On the bases of ornaments and the fashion we could predict the status of the society 


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