Focus on the Indian health sector before helping others: An analysis in context to migration of health workers 

Focus on the Indian health sector before helping others: An analysis in context to migration of health workers 

Focus on the Indian health sector before helping others – Today Current Affairs


 During the Covid period, the Indian government announced medical support to many countries, and even though we provided vaccination to many South American and African countries. However that time, in India, vaccination for all could not be started because of the lack of coordination between the central and state government 

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Health is an essential sector of the economy of any country. India successfully achieved the target of the vaccination for all adults (at least one dose) but still, there are some areas of the health sector left on which we have to work. This time the countries of the world are spending the money on the health sector. India is one of the most populated countries in the world. In such a ratio, India required nearly two million more doctors and nursing professionals to attain the minimum threshold ratio of healthcare professionals to the population.

As per the report of the WHO, the availability of skilled medical professionals in India is very less and there is no possibility of improvement in this field in near future. But India should bring a drastic change in this field.  The Hindu Analysis

Such inadequacies are further compounded by the legions of healthcare professionals who remain inactive and outside the labor force. Many renowned doctors and medical professionals left the job because of political reasons or a bad working atmosphere. Government should bring those skilled doctors into their active profession 

Soft power projection : The Hindu Analysis

As per the objective of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS ), health care services should be moved across the borders. And after globalization and liberalization, the health facilities were moved across the border easily. But there must be some restrictions on the free movement of the health care facilities across the borders. Government should make the laws in the domestic interest in this regard 

Need to opt for some measures in this regard : The Hindu Analysis

It is observed that developed countries hire Indian medical professionals on handsome salaries without any effort (only through the Online advertisement). Since we do not have the proper data of all the working professionals, therefore at the time of a medical emergency we can face the deficiency of these working professional 

At the national level, state level, and district level, the government should have a record of all the health professional categories. For example, how many nurses are there in a district, how many compounders are there in a district and similarly how many skilled doctors are there in a district. Accordingly, we should ensure the migration of the health profession should not be more than the adequate requirement of the health profession for domestic services. 

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As per the above analysis, it is concluded that Nation is the first policy that must be applied in the health sector also. However, we should help other countries also but priory should be given to our country. We faced the problem of deficiency of the vaccine however we were sending vaccines to others. Therefore we should learn a lesson from the past. We should spend more money on the budget of the health sector. In health care, which is characterized by perennially scarce resources and a surfeit of challenges, everything revolves around identifying the priorities right. And no amount of political or political expediency or cultural chauvinism should be allowed to undercut national health interests.

Since it has been our culture of Paropkar (charity), but on the cost of Paropkar (charity) our health care system should not suffer. We, as Indians, wish for the well-being of the world and provide all possible assistance to the world. 


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