Gustav KLIMT: A renowned Austrian Artist

Gustav KLIMT: A renowned Austrian Artist

Context :

During these days in Italy the work of great Austrian artist Gustav Klimt is being exhibited and the art lovers are analysing the Italian impact over his artwork. The exhibition is going on in Rome and the title of the exhibition is “Klimt”.

About Klimt :

  • A renowned Austrian artist and a painter Gustav Klimt was born in Vienna in 1862 .

  •  He was famous for his mural painting and for the art scratches 

  • In his early career he painted many feelings of Vinnea and in those days

  • He was known as the porographer because in his painting generally he painted the nude figures of male and female 

  • He had been an honorary member of the University of Munich .

  •  His style of painting was known as nuda Veritas (Naked Truth ).  

  • His painting Kiss is very beautiful and got the highest appreciation from the art lovers of the world .

  •  His painting death and Life got first prize in 1911 in the rome in a world exhibition 

Some of the paintings of the Klimt had been stolen from the  museum of Italy and after the corona pandemic again museums of Italy were opened tos how the painting of the Klimt 

Those paintings of Klimt that were stolen had been recovered a month ago . Ricci Oddi Modern Art Gallery is exhibiting the art work of Klimt 

  • Some important paintings of the Klimt like “Portrait of a Lady in White.” has stonel but now recovered 

  • The new exhibition entitle Klimt where the art lovers are gather now days and analysing the impact of Italian art over the work of Klimt 

  • While Klimt was celebrated as a painter straddling the 19th and 20th centuries, also on display are different media in which the artist worked.

  • In a poster of  1897 Klimt depicted a naked Theseus became very famous also.  In this poster he showed the sexual organs of the Greek hero who was fighting with a mythological monster . At that time the authority of Austria censured it and tried to hide the sexual organs of the Greek Hero.

  •  In these exhibitions almost 30 works of the klimt are shown including the painting of the mother of Klimt also . All the paintings are of nude or semi nacket women Eroticism is the basic character of the art work of Klimt . even though he painted the semi nude picture of his mother also in which she is handling garland in her hand .

Main significant features of the Klimt’s Painting

  • Used large canvas and the large surface for the painting

  • Mainly paintings are based on human figure, both male and female 

  • He used various oil colours for the painting 

  • Nudity or erotoicism was another important feature of this painter 

  • His painting was decorative style of painting 

  • The Beethoven Frieze was a painting made on large canvas 

The Kiss is the height of Klimt’s Golden Phase. Alongside The Tree of Life and The Beethoven Frieze, this piece completes an allegory representing the union of erotic and spiritual love and connection.

Some historians have argued that this composition may capture the kiss between Apollo and Daphne in the Greek myth, Metamorphoses. Although Daphne transformed into a laurel tree to escape the love of Apollo, he still embraces her. Perhaps the abundance of flowers on the female figure is a nod to this story? The woman’s bare feet are planted on the earth, and delicate golden threads appear to be holding her to it.

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