Hongkong is moving towards more authoritative administration : An analysys Source : The Hindu GS Paper II

Hongkong is moving towards more authoritative administration : An analysys Source : The Hindu GS Paper II

Hongkong is moving towards more authoritative administration- Today Current Affairs

Context :  Hong Kong will draw up a host of new national security crimes. 


Introduction : After the patriot elections held in Hong Kong, the government of China is continuously increasings it control over Hong Kong . The current national security law defines four crimes- secession , subversion, terrorism and colluding with foreign forces- and offenders can face up to life imprisonment 

But by 13th of January 2021 , Chief Executive Carrie Lam confirmed this thing that her government would crease local legislation as per the art 23 of Hong Kong’s mini constitution , which calls for the city to pass its own security laws 


What is article 23 of hong Kong’s mini Constitution: The Hindu Analysis

Article 23 of the mini constitution of Hong Kong provides the right to legis lative Assembly of Hong Kong to make any security laws for the city against the national security law. But through these security laws , the government of Hong Kong would try to crush the voice of the people of Hong Kong . 

The first time the Legislative of Hong kong brought some security laws in 2003 which were overwhelmly protested . In Fact the government of China is tying its control over Hong Kong through these security laws . 


History of Hong Kong: The Hindu Analysis

  • After the First opium war , Hong Kong was brought under the control of China after the Nanking treaty and by 1898 Hong Kong was given on lease to Britain for 99 years which had ended in 1997 . Therefore Hong Kaong was returned to Britain by 1997. 
  • During the British period Hong Kong became familiar with democratic institutions and ideas therefore after 1997. Some special and important rights were given to people of Hong Kong but the right of the election of its chief executive was in the hands of Beijing. Beijing elects the chief executive of Hong Kong through a committee of 1200 people . In this way, Chin extended its influence in Hong Kong. 
  • On the grounds of National security, Hong Kong passed some rule in 2003, through which the control of China automatically increased. By the last months of 2021, the elections for the legislative assembly of Hong kong were conducted which was declared the assembly of patriots only. Very few people participated in this election. Therefore on the ground of patriotism , China is increasing its influence in Hong Kong and continuously curbing the civil rights of the people of Hong Kong 


Significance of local Legislation: The Hindu Analysis

Even though China reganise the concept of one nation two administration which means Hong Kong has its own mini constitution, therefore China , gradually wants to curb the rights of the people of Hong Kong on the ground of Patriotism. Therefore first the patriotic legislative assembly was formed and now Local legislative assemblies are passing the more national security offense so that on the ground of national security the right of the public could be curbed. Even though Ms Lam did not outline what the new crimes would be . But the specific offense Article 23 lists are treason, secession, sedition, subversion and theft of state secrets . It also prohibits any foreign political organizations from conducting the activities in Hong Kong or local political organizations establishing ties with similar overseas bodies . 



In fact , Hong Kong was brought under the control of China in 1997 and it would be enjoying its mini constitutional autonomy up to 2047. After that Hong Kong would be brought directly under the control of China but it would be difficult to merge the administration of Hong Kong, which had enjoyed several rights and of democratic elements, with the main administration of China suddenly. People of Hong Kong could protest on a large scale. Therefore it is a gradual way to transform the administration of Hong Kong as per the administration of China on the grounds of patriotism so that after 25 years it could be easily merged with mainland China . 


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