Significance of defreezing of the frozen fund of Afghanistan : An analysis in context of the US Afghan Relation

Significance of defreezing of the frozen fund of Afghanistan : An analysis in context of the US Afghan Relation

Significance of defreezing of the frozen fund of Afghanistan- Today Current Affairs

Context : 

The U.S. government will take steps on Friday to free half of the $7 billion in frozen Afghan reserves held in the United States to aid the Afghan people without providing the Taliban access to the funds, sources familiar with the plan said.

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Introduction : 

  • Last year in 2021 , Afghanistan underwent not only political change but also it faced huge economic crises . After the control by the Taliban America had seized all its funds which had been given to Afghanistan earlier for economical development . The Hindu Analysis.
  • Taiwan, many times requested to release the fund so that Afghanistan could be protected from the crises of Hunger, poverty etc. Finally , because of the pressure of the US congress the Biden government had to release half of the $7 billion in frozen funds but This fund would be utilized for those victims of 9/11 in America.
  • Afghanistan criticized this step of the US and declared it as a theft and a moral decay. Whether it is correct on moral and ethical grounds to use the fund of the Afghanistan for American people .International experts have different views in this regard. Some experts say that America’s step is justified because the American administration will utilize this fund for the victims of 9/11 because it was the responsibility of Afghanistan to compensate. 

How far it is correct to use the frozen fund inside US on moral and Ethical ground : The Hindu Analysis

  • However the American administration had cleared that $7Bn would be used only for the welfare of Afghan people but it would also be ensured whether Taliban could not be benefited . But whether all the Afghan people were responsible for the 9/11 attack , they have to pay such a big economical sacrifice . The act of 9 /11 was the act of Taliban without the consent of Afghanistan people and the Talibanic government was not a democratic government hence this money is the money of Afghan people which should be given to Afghanistan . However Taiwan had claimed its right over that fund but America denied on the ground that America nerve recognized Taiwan as a government . Between America and Taiwan the people of Afghanistan are dying . 
  • However America cleared that This money would be used only for the well being of the Afghan people only those who have been the victims of the Taliban government . While Talibanic government and some countries who has been given the recognition to Taliban declared it as the lowest level of humanity . US should transfer this money to Afghanistan 
  • After the reestablishment of the Taliban administration , the economy of Afghanistan had almost collapsed and American troops had vacated Afghanistan completely . International assistance to Afghanistan has been almost shut off . And this economical crisis is continued worsening . Therefore on Humanitarian grounds , the help of Afghanistan people should be done . There is no role of the Afghanistan people in political change 
  • As per the report of various international media almost 23 million people (more than half of the population) of Afghanistan is facing the problem of extreme level of Hunger. The Hindu Analysis.
  • The International Rescue Committee ranked Afghanistan No. 1 on its annual emergency watchlist of countries whose humanitarian crises are expected to deteriorate in 2022.
  • However the US announced  $308 million aid as well as the Covid 19 vaccine  in this year for the  people of Afghanistan on humanitarian ground

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Conclusion : As per above discussion Afghanistan needs huge financial support on Humanitarian ground . All the international agencies should come forward in this regard and they should assist Afghanistan but it should also be ensured that this financial assistance would not be used in a destructive way .

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