Impact of Lockdown on art and culture

Impact of Lockdown on art and culture

(GS Paper 1: Art and Culture )

Context : A painting of Renowned artist Ramchandran entitled ‘Subaltern Nayikas & Lotus Pond’ is exhibiting in Exhibition which shows that Indian art and culture is overcoming from corona pandemic for almost two years

Art and culture are very significant elements for any country and the first time the British East India company had understood its significance therefore Asiatic Society of Bengal was established in 1784 by Warren Hastings . In independent India , our government was also aware of the significance of Indian culture. Many provisions are also given in our constitution regarding the protection and preservation of Indian culture 

Art 29 is also related to preservation and protection of the culture of minorities . Minorities are given the right to conserve their distinct language , script etc. 

Art 49 als discusses the protection of monuments and places and objects of national value . Simultaneously , Article 51 A (f) explains about the duty of every citizen is to preserve the rich heritage of Indian culture 

Government of India is also preserving our ancient art and culture through various acts  like The Ancient and Historical Monuments and Archaeological sites and Remains (Declaration of National Importance) Act 1951, Antiquities and Art treasures Act 1972 and Public Record Act 1993 and promoting through various awards like bharat rant and Padma awards. Apart from the efforts of Government many private institutions are doing good works regarding preservation of the ancient art and culture 

Impact of Corona Pandemic

But during this codorna pandemic, the effort of the government definitely impacted. Many artisans had left their professions and they shifted their profession. The areas and museums which were developed as tourist places were badly impacted during this pandemic . Private art galleries and museums are facing the problem of fund scarcity . Venue based sectors like performing arts, museum art galleries , festivals and cinema were more influenced sectors from corona 

In metropolitan areas, because of the corona, many people associated with museums and various cultural activities , theatre (Apart from the artist who ) had lost their jobs . many other sectors which had directly and indirectly associated with various arts were impacted during this period 

Again government is trying to promote and uplift art ancient cultural activities because government is very well aware with the significance with art and culture .Government of India is funding and promoting to organise many cultural fairs and festivals to revive cultural activities because through this sector Government can not only boost tourism sector but also boost in entire economical sector  . 

Government is intended to increase the amount of fellowship in the field of various cultural activities and also start new fellowships also. Government is giving several relief to film industries for the shooting and other activities. In the matter of entertainment tax, the government is also giving some relief to the festivals and cultural organisations, fairs and other cultural activities. To promote art and their artis , this year the government of India has awarded many artists and social workers with various Padma Awards . 

Definitely, Indian art and culture had to suffer in this corona pandemic and the government of India is again trying to revive it  to boost the Indian economy . 

Question for PrelimsProvision of Constitution related to protection and preservation of culture 

Mains: Discuss the significance of culture. How the art and culture were impacted during this corona padenic and discuss the measures taken by the government to revive art and culture. 

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