Implications of Gyanvapi and Krishna Janmbhumi issues : An analysis 

Implications of Gyanvapi and Krishna Janmbhumi issues : An analysis 

Implications of Gyanvapi and Krishna Janmbhumi issues – Today Current Affairs

Context : 

The situation of India in May 2022 is now a replica of 1992, the time of demolition of Babri mosque . today , the issues are not just about the opening of Gyanvapi mosque and the dispute of Krishna Janam Bhumi, but the issues are related to its repercussions which are about to begin like the target of the demolition of the tomb of Aurangzeb etc. The opening up of Gyanvapi is not about history; it is about reclamation and is central to a larger supremacist project. And the present situation looks more dangerous than the situation of 1992 . 

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Introduction :

  •  The issues of Gyanvapi and the Krishna Janmbhumi are not the issue of religion but these issues are raised for political purposes. In both the cases it has been claimed that the mosque of Mathura and the Kashi were constructed after the demolition of the temples of both places . Therefore , it was demanded for further survey and excavation by the team of archaeologists so that the reality of the history could be known. The Hindu Analysis
  • However there are many literary works on the grounds of which, it  can be said clearly that the many temples of northern India were demolished during the time of Aurangzeb and on those places of the temples mosques were constructed. Most of the historians including Muslim historian like Irfan Habib are agree with this facts. But these issues are not only related to the extraction of the truth but these issues are related to creating the conflict atmosphere . Same situation had erupted in 1992 , and we have seen the consequences of the Babri mosque issue . 

Places of Worship (Special Provisions) Act, 1991 : The Hindu Analysis

  • However , there is an act now through which the situation of the conflict can be avoided . The Supreme Court verdict in 2019 went on to underline the importance of the 1991 Act in 10 pages (pages 116-125) and how it “protects and secures the fundamental values of the Constitution”. A five judges bench at that time explained the importance of such Act in these words  – “The Places of Worship Act imposes a non-derogable obligation towards enforcing our commitment to secularism under the Indian Constitution.”  The Hindu Analysis
  • The place of worship act was brought by the government to protect India from such types of the conflict but by giving the permission for the survey of Gyanvapi is an act to open a Pandora’s box. Similar and multiple cases are bound to begin mushrooming; the plea to remove Mathura’s Shahi Idgah and dig around the Qutub Minar have reached the courts. Thirty years on, despite witnessing the ruptures that Babri led to, if Gyanvapi is allowed to fester, it would signal that India is re-opening issues that the Constitution had settled. That can only signal more upheaval.

The degradation of the Institutions of India : The Hindu Analysis

  • It is very surprising that we are evaluating the two different incidents on the same frame of reference . what mistakes were done in the past , whether those mistakes were done in monarchy or in democracy we should think in this regard. There were many mistakes made in the monarchy and the mistakes of the monarchical period should not be reopened in democratic period , otherwise it will create the disaster in the country . There are several examples in ancient India where Buddhist supported kings had massacred hundreds of the Brhamanas and the vice versa. In the Monarchical period generally kings used to take revenge after getting power which should not be expected in democratic structure . 
  • For the last several years some institutions of India have been losing their significance continuously.  This decline underlies India’s sharp democratic backslide. India is classified as an ‘electoral autocracy’ (V-Dem Institute), ‘partly free’ (Freedom House), scores ‘at the level of 1975’ when a formal Emergency was in place (International IDEA) and it is now among the 30 worst countries of 180, as far as freedom of the press goes (RSF). The World Values Survey and the Pew Research Center tell us that it is in India that support for civil rights as a feature of democracy and even democracy has fallen the most, since 2015.The Justice J.S. Verma’s report, (when he was National Human Rights Commission chairman) about violence in 2002 is unimaginable today. The Hindu Analysis
  • The situation of the 1992 and the situation of 2022 is the quite different. At that time we did not opt for liberalization and openness completely . The USSR has collapsed . but now we have opted for liberalization and globalization. We have approached every country of the world . Definitely such a type of the dispute emerged in India will fade the secular image of India at international level . Today India is facing several economic challenges , and these  challenges can be tackled only through the collaboration of the world . If the secular and democratic  image of India would be fed-up ., our economy would definitely suffer. Therefore these national interest must be considered by the important institutions of India . 

The fundamental characteristic of Indian Cultural : An historical perspective : The Hindu Analysis

  • The history of India is not mere the history of two religion Hindu and Muslim. There have been several belief systems residing in India for a long time . We have evidence of the peaceful coexistence of the various belief systems in the period of great kings like the Mauryan and the Gupta . but for the political benefits, however some kings took revenge from their enemies by destroying their religious place (Shunga demolished many Buddhist places and Harsh Vardhan killed Brahmans , Shashank cut the Bodhi tree). The Hindu Analysis
  • The significance of history is only up to that extend when it would bring the positive element for the society 

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Now as per the above analysis it can be concluded that the situation of 2022 is more dangerous in comparison to 1992. It would not hamper the communal harmony in India but this situation would push the Indian economy in the worst situation . Therefore it is the duty of all the responsible persons and the institution not to create such an atmosphere . However, the work of the survey of the Gyanvapi is going on . but it is expected from the responsible institution to limit this case up to the survey only. Other cases should not be accepted for the debate and for the further discussion . We should resolve the contemporary problem including national and international problems(China issue) first.


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