Implications of the declining rate of fertility and Rise in obesity

Implications of the declining rate of fertility and Rise in obesity

Implications of the declining rate of fertility and Rise in obesity – Today Current Affairs

Context :

Recently some data released by the NFHS (National Family Health Survey ). According to which the fertility rate at National level is continuously declining  while obesity rises

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Introduction : 

  • The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) is a large-scale, multi-round survey conducted in a representative sample of households throughout India. Recently this institute released data . 
  • This data shows that The Total Fertility Rate (TFR), an average number of children per woman, has further declined from 2.2 to 2.0 at the national level. There are only five States — Bihar (2.98), Meghalaya (2.91), Uttar Pradesh (2.35), Jharkhand (2.26) Manipur (2.17) — in India which are above replacement level of fertility of 2.1 as per the national report of the NFHS-5. The Hindu Analysis
  • This data also highlighted that  institutional births increased from 79% to 89% across India and in rural areas around 87% births were delivered in institutions and the same is 94% in urban areas. This is a good thing that the people started trusting on institutional birth. 

Implications : The Hindu Analysis

  • We have to analyze the reasons for the fertility rate. One of the most significant reasons is late marriages. In urban areas most of the females are working professionals so they prefer marriage after their career settlement . Apart from it , because of the western culture , some couples prefer to live in a relationship without marriage and they (the lady )do not prefer to be an early mother so many of the time it has been seen that these people aborted many times . This is another cause of the less fertility. The Hindu Analysis
  • The level of stunting among children under five years has marginally declined from 38% to 36% in the country since the last four years. Stunting is higher among children in rural areas (37%) than urban areas (30%) in 2019-21. We also have the fact that  more than three-fourths (77%) children aged between 12 and 23 months were fully immunized, compared with 62% in NFHS-4.
  • As the awareness and the infrastructure would be strong these health facilities would be diffused up to the lowest level of the society. The Hindu Analysis
  • Besides, Some other data are also related to the health of the  married women who  usually participate in three household decisions (about health care for herself; making major household purchases; visit to her family or relatives) that the status of the women is rising gradually. They are participating in the decision making process . In this regard, Nagaland and Ladakh are one of the best in India . The Index for Nagaland is given 99% while for Ladakh is given 80 %.  Rural (77%) and urban (81%) differences are found to be marginal.. However , because of the government policies, the number of women who have a bank or savings account has increased from 53% to 79% in the last four years. . In fact , direct benefit transfers come only in the account of the women therefore we see the increment in such numbers . However it should be in increasing mode gradually 
  • The data provided by  NFHS explains that there is a continuous rise in obesity.  At the national level, it increased from 21% to 24% among women and 19% to 23% among men. This data shows malnutrition or the impact of the office work culture . In some state this situation is more dangerous like  Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Sikkim, Manipur, Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Puducherry, Punjab, Chandigarh and Lakshadweep where more than one third women are overweight 

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However, the data provided by the survey agencies do not always present the real picture of health . But these data are very much helpful regarding the evaluation of our health policies and the other benefits scheme. Through These data we can analyze the cause and consequences of the health issues .  We should change our lifestyle to reduce obesity because it is the cause of other health issues . 

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