Indic civilization and Indianness : An analysis

Indic civilization and Indianness : An analysis

Indic civilization and Indianness – Today Current Affairs

 Context : Indian culture and civilization has been the matter of our pride for thousands of years. Because there are some fundamental values of Indian culture which taught the lesson of peace , harmony and humanism to the world . for the unity of India , the Indian civilization plays a significant role 

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Introduction : The history of Indian culture and civilization goes back thousands of years back. One of the oldest civilizations of the world evolved in the Indian subcontinent . One of the oldest and vast empires of the world was the Mauryan empire and one of the oldest political institutions and ideas existed in Indian culture . India is the birthplace of Jainism and Buddhist which taught the world the lesson of peace , non violence . Our culture spread beyond the boundaries of Indian subcontinent and reached up to south east Asian countries also 

Our cultural heritage can glue all the Indians as a nation . But for some months, it is observed that the conflicting elements in the society are being more dominant over our rich cultural heritage . Actually our past cultural elements should be revived so that It could bring the national unity

The Impact of Indian culture in abroad : The Hindu Analysis

Indian culture spread in southeast Asian countries like Java, Sumatra , Indonesia. However many of the Southeast Asian countries have opted the Islam but they do not forget their culture . the kings of Thailand are crowned in the presence of Brahmin priests. the Muslims of Java still use Sanskritised names. Garuda is Indonesia’s national airline. Ramayana is the best-selling brand of clove cigars of Indonesia.  The Philippines has produced a pop-dance ballet about Rama’s quest for Sita who had been abducted by Ravana . The old Thai kingdom of Ayutthaya derived its name from the Indian Ayodhya. The Thailand is also associated with Indian culture.  The Hindu Analysis

These cultural elements of India were brought here by the pacific merchants , saints not by the Indian invaders . The pacifist has been the characteristic of the Indian culture 

Are we conserving our cultural heritage ? The Hindu Analysis

Unity in Diversity has been the fundamentals of Indian culture . For a long time we have been respecting the various belief systems. India is a  “civilization-state” rather than a “nation-state. Some people , who believed that the Idea of Indian culture relates to the Hindu culture . In fact they forget the value system of Hinduism. Indian culture has been the hybrid of the various belief systems , religion , race etc . The modern Indian culture is the hybrid of the the influence of Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sikhism. There are many Islamic elements which have been merged in Indian culture . Today, the Hindu wear Sherwani on every auspicious occasion. This attire arrived in India after the arrival of the Muslims . There are many Arabic , Persian and the Urdu terms merged in several sacred texts of the Hindus . Tulsidas also used many Arabic and the Persian terms in his Ram Charit Manas. We like Cricket which was brought after the arrival of the British . Nowadays this is the most popular game in India . Some years , all the Hindus voted for the Taj mahal as the world’s most surprising monument . We did not vote for Ankorvatt . Therefore , it can be concluded that , communal harmony is the essence of the protection of the Indian culture 

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As per the above discussion , it is concluded that Indian culture is the hybrid culture in which the cultural elements of the various beliefs have been associated for a long time. All acceptability has been the characteristic of Indian culture . Indian culture is not the extremist Hindu culture . We should conserve our cultural heritage . Through our cultural heritage we can unite all the Indians as a nations 


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