Interesting art work of Spencer Tunick to prevent Dead Sea  (GS Paper 1 Art and Culture )

Interesting art work of Spencer Tunick to prevent Dead Sea  (GS Paper 1 Art and Culture )


Near Israel’s coast , The dead sea is continuously shrinking which has attracted the concern of world’s renowned environmentalists also. To prevent dead sea from shrinking an American artist decide to make the drawing of the all nude people with white painting on their body to attract the atainstions of the world regarding the environmental conservation 

Almost 300 male and female volunteers gathered naked and their bodies were painted by white colour 

This work was not done the first time by this painter . Earlier he had organised other functions around the world, including a French wine country, a Swiss glacier and a beach in South Africa. 

It is  hoped the installation will draw attention to the importance of preserving the Dead Sea. The salty body of water at the earth’s lowest point has been steadily shrinking in recent decades as Israel and its neighbors have diverted upstream water sources for agriculture. He did an earlier installation at the Dead Sea in 2011

  • The shoot was promoted by Israel’s Tourism Ministry.

  • The Ministry of Tourism of Israel  hoped that this  artistic installation would draw visitors to the area. 

  • Nowadays we see that Israel has been closed off to foreign travelers since the coronavirus  pandemic started  but is gradually welcoming back vaccinated visitors as its caseload declines.

About the Issue of Dead Sea 

  • Environmentalist observed that The Dead Sea is dying rapidly 

  • The Dead sea is a  body  of water lying between Israel and Jordan

  • Nowadays this dead sea is retreating by more than three feet a year. It will be problematic for the tourism of the Israil . Because gradually this drinking of deak sea will be creating sinkholes that swallow up buildings and roads, and gradually it will destroy the roads and other buildings

  • The Dead Sea is the saltiest sea on earth. 

  • Many scholars and geographres had predicted that gradually this dead sea will be disappear by 2050, while others say it will never fully disappear but it will be continuously decreasing its size and once it will lose its significance 

Reasons of Shrinking of Dead sea 

  • There are a multitude of reasons contributing to the decline of the Dead Sea

  • damming 

  • Excess  mineral extraction. 

  • The sea is fed by the Jordan River and other smaller waterways and  the flow of the Jordan River has dropped by more than 90 percent from its recorded peak.

  • The river has been diverted by Israel upstream, while Syria built dams along the Yarmouk River, substantially cutting off the flow that converges with the Jordan.

  • Groundwater is among the sources being depleted in an attempt to meet demands. Marwan Al-Raggad, a hydrogeology professor at the University of Jordan, said the Disi aquifer, which is about 1,093 yards underground and feeds the Dead Sea, could run dry in as few as 50 years.

  • In addition to sources being cut off, seawater is evaporating naturally and quickly. 

  • Climate change is expected to cause temperatures in this area to rise 5 to 11 degree  by the end of the century and reduce rainfall by 30 percent.

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