International Day of Action for Women’s Health

International Day of Action for Women’s Health

International Day of Action for Women’s Health – Today Current Affairs

The date 28th may is recognised as the International Day of Action for Women’s Health by the united nation in the year of 1987. The Latin American and Caribbean Women’s Health Network (LACWHN) and Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) are working together to make this campaign successful. 

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  • Women in the world have been deprived for thousands of years and this has always been the issue of how to establish equality based on gender . Women are physically weak in comparison to men therefore they could not play more role in the production and therefore they were deprived from the several social , economica, religious , political and educational rights. Therefore the status of the women deteriorated continuously . Gradually several socio religious evil practices have evolved (Especially in India) like Sati, purdah etc. but in modern days , it is the need of the world to uplift the status of the women which could not be possible without improving their health. Once they would be healthy and educated they would be more economically self reliant . Once All Women will be aware  and economically self reliant. They could easily raised there issue inform of the world and in this way they could protect themselves from any type of the harassment 

The Objectives of this day : The Hindu Analysis

  • The main objective of this day is to make the women aware regarding their sexual harssment . For this purpose this platform can be used . This is the platform which would continuously remind the governments of the world to make laws for the right of the women related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR).  The Hindu Analysis
  • There are the  following right related to Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) , on which governments of the world should make the law 
  • Women should be aware regarding the sexual informantion . Many women can not get whether she is sexually harrsased or because of the lack of sex education . In modern society , through the sex education , not only women but also chikd can also be protected from the sexual hrassment 
  • Every Woman has the right to choose her partner. However in many orthdux societies of the world , parents are the decision makers in this regard. But if the women is educated and economically self reliant , She generally enjoy this right 
  • Generally , the right on the sexual activeness should also be taken by the wone. It must be decided by the women whether she is ready for the sex or or . Generally in orthodux society , the wife is considered mere a lady to whom husband can have sex when he need , In such sexual relationship the consent of the wife is generally ignored . howver some progressive governments are making such lawas and a significant debate on the martial rape is going on whether it should be criminal offnce or not.  The Hindu Analysis
  • Women should have the right to decide the numbers of the children and the time of having children . Generally , t=Husband s has the right of the family planning . In most countries , without marriage , children can not have children . 
  • Apart from it , ther are many issue like the Safe abortion and post-abortion care must be resolved . In India like countries where the abortion is socailly prohibited. There must be several laws in this regards 

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As per the above discussion it is concluded that the countries of the world should have resolved all the health issues of women . In Indian context, many sex workers , howver are not having general fundamnetl right , however honarble supreme court has instructed to the police to respectfully behave with sex workers, They are also human and they camn not be deprived from the human rights .  The Hindu Analysis

Besides, society should also change their value system as per the needs of the world . Several progressive value systems should be evolved in society related to the health issues of women . On this occasion of 28 may, the entire world is discussing the issue of what should be done for women’s health and what measures should be adopted by the countries of the world for the health of women .

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