Jallikattu : Cultural Heritage or an evil ? (GS paper I, II) Source : The Hindu

Jallikattu : Cultural Heritage or an evil ? (GS paper I, II) Source : The Hindu

Jallikattu : Cultural Heritage or an evil- Today Current Affairs

Context : With a steep rise in adaily cases of COVID 19, Administrative authority of Tamil Nadu have banned the conduct of Jallikattu on the eve of Pongal 

Introduction : 

  • Jallikattu, also known as Eru thazhuvuthal or Sallikkattu or Manju virattu is a cultural event practiced in southern India mainly in Tamilnadu on the occasion of the Pongal. This is a type of Bull fight . A man has to fight with bulls and to control bulls . 

  • As per the tradition, It is described in Tamil literature (Sangam Literature) and it has been popular in tamilnadu among the warrior classes. 

  • The term Jallikattu is derived from the words Jalli and Kattu which means coins or packages. After winning in this game , a person would be awarded with money . In Indian culture, the tradition of fighting with animals like elephants, even lions, bull have been popular for a long time . During ancient period , for the entertainment purposes a game related to fighting with animal was poplar , we see various seals and inscription in this regards 

  • As per the Tamil tradition , during the time of Chola kings , the Naykas had to participate in such games in an open field in front of the king. The fighting  man had to tie this bull . Sometimes , during this game, persons were injured and died . 

What is Dispute: The Hindu Analysis

  • Honorable SC , banned this Jallikattu in 2014, many tamil people protested against this decision and demanded government to lift this ban so that they could perform their rituals 

  • During this game , many times Bull runs towards the mob and during the processes of jumping barriers bulls are wounded . Besides, the life of man is also at risk . 

  • Bulls are generally provoked with the use of various wines, alcohol and with other drugs which are also injurious to health of the bull 

  • Some organizations and agencies which are fighting for welfare of the animals like 

  • People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and Federation of India Animal Protection Agencies (FIAPA) have been opposing this jallikattu for a long time. 

  • Some incidents happened in which many people had been killed . Therefore Judiciary banned over such game 

Decisions of the court regarding Jallikattu: The Hindu Analysis

  • InMay 2014, the apex court banned the practice. 

  • In 2016, High Courts of Andhra Pradesh had lifted the bann from cock fighting therefore many people protested in the favor of their cultural practice 

  • Gujarat High Court also banned on sime practice sof the bird fighting 


As per the above discussion, our culture is the fundamental right nut; such cultural practice should not be performed at the cost of Human life. Because the basic element of any culture is humanism. 

Cultural heritage is our identity and we must preserve this culture but there should be scope of little reform if required for the well being of humanism . 

Although this Jallikattu has been performed for a long time in Indian culture and people have shown their caliber to defeat the bull, nowadays there must be some changes in the fight of Bull. It should be ensured that no casualties would be there (man and animal both). In fact , during ancient time this game was organized to check the braveness of the warrior class but presently the time has been changes soo up to a certain extend the changes in this game must be welcomed by the community in which this game is performed 


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