Jawaharlal Nehru : A Visionary leader of India 

Jawaharlal Nehru : A Visionary leader of India 

Jawaharlal Nehru : A Visionary leader of India -Today Current Affairs

Context : its death anniversary of our first prime minister J. L Nehru. Entire country is paying a humble tribute to our visionary leader and his great statements . 

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The great freedom fighter, a great statesman and the maker of India as a Nation J. L Nehru took birth on 14 November 1889 in Allahabad (Modern Prayagraj).He was an eminent leader of congress, who sacrificed his entire life for the consolidation of India as a nation . He had to face many ups and downs in his life . His vision for modern India is still inspirable for us . His idea of democratic socialism is still relevant in Indian politics. His laid the foundation of Indian foreign policy . The NAM (Non alignment Movement ) initiated by Nehru played an important role in world politics regarding decolonization during 20th century but also in 21st century , the NAM is leading all developing countries and successfully countering the economic monopoly of the capitalist countries 

Contribution of Nehru in India’s freedom struggle : The Hindu Analysis

  • After completion of his study of law , Nehru returned India by 1912 and started his practice of law but very soon he left this practice , and joined home rule league of Annie Besant and demanded for the Swaraj . He participated in the Non Cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi also.
  •  He was the leader among those who criticize the act of Mahatma Gandhi of Withdrawing the Non Cooperation Movement after a small incident of Chauri Chaura in 1922 . In 1923, he became the general secretary of the congress. Nehru demonstrated against the Simon commission from the land of Lucknow  . With Subhash , Nehru also strongly condemned the Nehru report (A report introduced by Motilal Nehru, The father of J.L. Nehru ,) on the ground of the dominion state. Nehru rejected the demand of dominion state and sought for the Purna Swaraj (Complete freedom) in 1929. The Hindu Analysis
  • In the Lahore session of congress in 1929 the resolution of Purna Swaraj was passed . In his presidential address during this session Nehru declared his vision and stated – “ I am complete socialism and I do not have any faith in prince and princes  ”
  • Nehru led the Civil Disobedience Movement in 1930-31 from Lucknow and Here he was arrested two times . In his entire life Nehru was arrested 9 times and for more than 3000 days , he was kept in jail during the freedom struggle . During the freedom struggle , Nehru had already declared the foreign policy of India . 
  • In his presidential address in 1936 Lucknow session he stated that _ “We see the world divided into two vast groups today – the imperialist and fascist on one side , the socialist and the nationalist on other . Inevitably , we take our stand with the progressive forces of the world which are ranged against fascism and imperialism” and after Independence , Nehru had declared the all the newly independent countries should maintain equidistant from the both poles of the world (Socialist- under the leadership of the USSR and the Capitalist  under the leadership of the USA)Gandhi ji loved Nehru and hence he declared Nehru his political heir . Nehru was elected the prime minister of Interim government also 


Contribution of Nehru as a prime minister : The Hindu Analysis

When Nehru became prime minister , he had to face several challenges 

  • How to merge princely state in India at maximum extent
  • How to consolidate India as a nation 
  • How to resolve the issue of language based demand of the state
  • How to resolve the issue of tribals 
  • How to tackle the communal riots 
  • How to tackle the issue of Kashmir, Goa, Pondicherry and the North east state 
  • How to tackle the Chinese aggression 
  • How to develop India economically with the support of the big countries without compromising its own sovereignty 
  • How to create the maximum unitary elements in the diversified culture 
  • How to accommodate the tribal culture keeping their identities intact
  • How to conduct election peacefully 
  • How to bring rapid economic growth without hampering the employment 


  • Nehru successfully tackled all those challenges and provided us a strong and consolidated India . It was only Nehru and his vision through which these challenges could tacked and India proved the prediction of all the big leaders of Britain as well as some intellectuals of the India that the democracy would not survive in India for long time.  The Hindu Analysis
  • Nehru believed in dissent and diversity. Nehru appointed all his opponents in his cabinet. This type of tolerable political policy is inspirable for modern politics. Nehru appointed Syama Prasad Mukherjee from Jan Sangh, who was the staunch opponent of the Nehru 

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  • As per the above discussion, it is almost clear that Nehru is the maker of new India . He not only consolidated India politically but also culturally and emotionally . He accommodated all the diversified cultures . Socialism and secularism were the fundamentals of Nehru’s vision . Through the planning commission , Nehru tried to develop India economically in a justified way . However, Nehru was not also free from criticism . 
  • In his leadership , India lost the Indo China war and we had to lose some land and the stand of Nehru in the matter of Kashmir is still questionable thay why he raised the issue of referendum . But If we analyze both the elements of Nehru’s failure , we conclude , in such failures up to certain extent the success is also hidden . During Indo China war , we showed the world his independent foreign policy and gave the shelter to Dalai lama and the issue of referendum in Kashmir was raised with this hope that the people of Kashmir would be brought in India’s favor and simultaneously , In world politics India was in upper hand , India’s army was deployed there . So if Pakistan accepted the demand for a referendum , the situation may be in the favor of India . 
  • In Sum, we on behalf of India , today are remembering our great leader , and architect of the modern and consolidated India J. L Nehru 

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