Jaya Asokan :The new director of Indian Art Fair  (GS Paper 1 Art and Culture )

Jaya Asokan :The new director of Indian Art Fair  (GS Paper 1 Art and Culture )

Context :

Jaya Asokan was appointed the new director of India Art Fair (IAF) in Delhi in  March 2021. She has been associated with Indian Art fair delhi for long time and has been served as deputy director earlier 

Indian Art Fair 

  • It is the leading platform of India who discover modern art as well as contemporary art of Southern Asia , particularly India . its head office is in Saket delhi 

  • This fair is committed to promote art education 

  • It is the body of Angus Montgomery Limited 

  • It organises festivals related to arts time to time at national and international level and its Audiences are also Indians as well as foreigners 

  • Its main objective is to promote vernacular artistic tradition 

Jaya Ashokan 

  • Asokan was a great artist who  played an important role in promoting  vernacular art through various fairs. 

  • During this pandemic , Indian Art fair is seeking the extensive contribution of Asokan in the promotion of gallariers also . 

  •  This will shine through our newest initiatives, including a new website, distinct partnerships and projects, and a year-round programme, all of which hope to reflect the vibrancy of India’s art scene, its latest developments and stories around art and artists. 

  • Asokan steps into a vastly altered world. How will she navigate the pandemic, shrinking markets, digital art and a community with a greater need than ever to connect?

Role of Private Companies in the promotion of Indian Art and Craft

  • There are many private companies which are playing an important role in the promotion of Art and Craft like Giftstyle India founded in 2016 . It  is an Arts And Crafts company and Its  headquarters is in Sambhal, Uttar Pradesh, India. 

  • Apart from this another art company is Kalakriti India founded in 200 . Its  headquarters is  in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. 

  • Fanusta Global- Rediscovering Indian Art and soulful Strokes Studio  are two important companies  whose  headquarters are in Jaipur, Rajasthan and in Gurgaon, Haryana respectively . 

Indians have been very rich in art and culture for a long time . We have many art works from the ancient period also. Art work is the fundamental characteristic of Indian culture . It is our cultural Heritage. Although many private companies are showing their interest to protect and promote Indian art and craft, we still see the lack of awareness of the common people to protect and patronize art. Govert should expend the fund in the promotion of various types of artwork. . At academic level, the courses related to artwork must be brought as per the requirements of the world . In this way we would be able to earn money as well as fame and on the other side our cultural heritage would be protected. Our art skill should be recognised and appreciated by various means

Many artisans in modern days are facing the problem of financial scarcity . Government should provide them adequate financial security so that they could do better in the field of artwork. Our handicraft and the painting work would be internationally recognizable with little effort from our government . 

By Dr Anshul Bajpai 

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