Kabir : A great social and economic reformist thinker

Kabir : A great social and economic reformist thinker

Kabir : A great social and economic reformist thinker – Today Current Affairs

Context : Today , the followers of Kabir are celebrating this day as the Kabir Prakat Divas (Birth anniversary) . On this occasion  many conferences , seminars and programmes are organized in India . Kabir was the most prominent thinker and philosopher of the medieval period . The birth anniversary of kabir is celebrated on the full moon (Purnima) in the Hindu month Jyestha 

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Introduction : Kabir was one of the great saints of the medieval period who showed the path of Bhaktism and monotheism to Indian people . He paved the way for communal harmony in India . He preached not only about the social reforms but also about the economic reforms .Kabir openly criticized the orthodex  elements of the both religions (Hindu and Muslims equally. He propagated the spirit of love, affection , and Bhaktism in the society . One side Kabir adopted the concept of  meditation from Buddhism , Siddh and Naths , and Bhaktism of the Vaishnavas , on other side he openly criticized social , economical, religious, political inequality . In this way Kabir established the progressive and revolutionary ideology in the medieval period .  The Hindu Analysis

Up to maximum extent Kabir succeeded to influence contemporary society . He forced on the simplicity or ease of the religion . He stated that every human being has the right to access the god . God is of all human beings . No person of the society had privileges or specific rights to achieve God . Kabir openly criticized the superiority of Brahmanism . 

Kabir was the first saint of medieval India who remained  Grahasth in his entire life and he propagated the dignity of labor. In his view all professions are equal . therefore he remained weavers in his entire life.  The Hindu Analysis

He did not adopt all the ideas of any religion. Although he criticized all the orthodex elements of every religion. Generally kbir used the name of Ram as his God . But this Ram of kabir was the symbol of Brahma/ Monotheism . 

Social and economical Ideas : The Hindu Analysis

In Indian culture , Buddha was the first who criticized casteism  and opposed the superiority of Brahmanism . In fact , similar to the Buddha , Kabir also criticized the superiority of the race and caste also . He strongly condemned the caste system of the medieval period and played an important role in the unification of discredited Hindus . Kabir propagated that all are equal by birth . Through their karma , people get status in society . All professions are dignified and we should do our duty honestly . 

Kabir emphasized on Divine unity . many Hindu and Muslim became the disciples of the kabir . 

Kabir was the first person before Marx who raised his voice against the economical inequality and he stated that the root cause of every social and political issue lies in the economical inequality . Kabir Criticized the excess collection of the production also . he wrote that 

साई इतना दीजिये जामे कुटुंब समाये , मै भी भूखा ना रहूं साधु न भूखा जाये

Sai, give so much that the family can be accommodated, I too should not remain hungry, the monk should not be hungry. In today’s vocabulary, Kabir was a communist and raised the voice against every type of the exploitation

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As per the above discussion , in sum, it can be said that Kabir sowed the seeds of that ideology which paved the way for the communal harmony , idea of socialism , secularism and expulsion of the communal elements , simplicity .  These ideas of the Kabir were not based on any self interest of the kabir . Therefore without any fear or favor he openly propagated his own ideas 


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