Need of the Compensation for false cases : A Clear Law must be there 

Need of the Compensation for false cases : A Clear Law must be there 


Need of the Compensation for false cases : A Clear Law must be there – Today Current Affairs

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Recently it has been observed that police filed many fake charges because of political compulsion , or for getting fame but finally police could not prove those cases in the court . In such a situation , innocent people have to suffer . They have to face social humiliation , economic issues . after being proved innocent who would return their days of the trial . Should there not be any law in this regard? In case of the Aryan Khan, the son of famous actor shah Rukh khan , finally he was declared innocent by the court but should he not be entitled to get sufficient compensation for those days when he and his family had to bear the huge social humiliation.

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  • There are many false cases reported in the media during the last 2 years where police could not prove the offense in front of the court . There are so many cases of heinous crime in which police failed to prove those cases in front of the court and after the trial of 10-15 years if the accused is declared innocent , who will return to the old days of the accused . How it will be compensated when the accused had to face huge social embarrassment / humiliation, his family had to face humiliation, he/she had to lose his job . how the spoiled career of accused would be returned.  The Hindu Analysis
  • The Law Commission in its report number 277, titled ‘Wrongful Prosecution (Miscarriage of Justice) explained about the false charges . There are two type of false charges , one in which the conviction could not be proved in the lack of sufficient evidence and in other cases, deliberately , the forged case is lodged because of extortion or political compulsion. The second type of the false case is dangerous for the legal system and in such cases compensation must be given 

How much compensation should be there : The Hindu Analysis

  • However there is no parameter to calculate the compensation amount whether it should be based on the nature of a false case or it should be based on the career assassination or it should be based on the fame of the accused/victim . 
  • Another problem is that , in what form compensation should be given  and who should bear the cost of the impanation – state or the police who filed false cases intentionally .  The Hindu Analysis
  • The financial compensation and the restoration the previous job and career would be alternative for of the compensation but how the days which had lost of a victim/ accused because of the false allegation / false cases would be compensated. This is the big question .Our judicial system must take initiative in this regard as soon as possible . 

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  • There are many cases in the news when an accused is proven innocent after a long trial of several years but the alleged person lost his entire life and career during these days. To compensate such people is very difficult . therefore the government and our judiciary , first ensure the reduction in false cases. There must be a prosecution , who should investigate any cases after the filing of an FIR.  The Hindu Analysis
  • If the prosecution thinks there is sufficient evidence for the trial then they should go on , otherwise , the prosecution department should stop the police from filing such cases. In every police station , a prosecution officer must be appointed and after the recommendation of the prosecution officer the charges should be framed . and if during the trial if a deliberately   false case is found, the investigating officer must be punished . The speed of the trial should be increased in such cases . this is not the responsibility of the judiciary only but this is the responsibility of the executive to take initiative in this regard.

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