Nuclear Energy Vs Solar Energy : An Analysis in special reference to suitability  for India 

Nuclear Energy Vs Solar Energy : An Analysis in special reference to suitability  for India 

Nuclear Energy Vs Solar Energy – Today Current Affairs

Context : Solar and nuclear energy have been good sources of energy for any country. The Indian government is focusing more on nuclear energy . However government should substitute its dependency over nuclear energy  with the solar energy 

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Introduction :

  •  Energy policies of any country should be not only based on its requirement but also should be based on its economical efficiency as well as climate friendly . However nuclear energy is far better in comparison to solar energy because it produces high energy for a long time in comparison to solar energy but the risk factors are more in nuclear energy in comparison to solar energy. 
  • For India’s necessity of solar energy must be promoted and the government should decrease its dependence on nuclear energy . However some physicists of India and the world who are working with the Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace also recommend for the Shutdown this misguided energy policy based on nuclear energy because of its hazardousness. According to these physicists The vulnerabilities of reactors and their high costs are strong reasons why India must cancel its nuclear expansion plans

Nuclear Energy : The Hindu Analysis

  • Nuclear energy is the energy in the nucleus of an atom. The fission of the atoms generates the energy . If nuclear fission is regulated we can use the energy for our domestic purposes . Nuclear energy can be achieved through nuclear reactors. 
  • Nuclear plant is composed of a nuclear reactor, consisting of the phenomenon of  nuclear fission through which heat generated which would be controlled by a cooling system, which removes the heat from inside the reactor. Through a steam turbine generated heat will produce mechanical energy which would be transformed into electric energy 

Solar Energy : The Hindu Analysis

Solar energy is the energy generated with the radiation from the sun. The radian from the sun can emit electron from the metal through which electricity can be generated 

Benefits and drawbacks of nuclear energy : The Hindu Analysis

  • However Nuclear energy is carbon free energy which is environment friendly but simultaneously Uranium which is technically required which is non renewable source and India is dependent for technology and the uranium on foreign countries mainly western countries and Russia 
  • However for the establishment of the Nuclear plan a small area of the land is required but simultaneously for the establishment of the grid system much area of the land is required . As per the date given by the Department of Energy, a typical nuclear facility producing 1,000 megawatts (MW) of electricity takes up about one square mile of space. But the upfront cost is too much high 
  • However through Nuclear reactor  high levels of energy can be produce but simultaneously it could be dangerous at the time of the war , if it is destructed and the nuclear waste would also be dangerous for the environment 

benefits and drawbacks of solar energy : The Hindu Analysis

  • However it is a low cost energy source but it is weather dependent and it requires more space of land . 
  • However it is environmentally friendly . Hence it can be used. However we import solar places from abroad, mainly from China . We should decrease our dependence over China regarding solar panel 

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As per the above discussion , it is also clear that we should rethink our energy policy. There are various sources of energy. Among them solar and nuclear energy are important carbon free energy sources but the research and investment on nuclear energy should be decreased worldwide . Increasing nuclear reactors in the world would be dangerous for the world in future. Therefore , those countries who are using nuclear reactors for the energy sources, should also curtail nuclear reactors . They should shift their energy policy from nuclear energy to other sources of energy. Nuclear reactors would be dangerous in the future for world’s peace . 

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