Omicron : Is it a new threat for India ? (GS Paper III)

Omicron : Is it a new threat for India ? (GS Paper III)

Context : The new variant of coronavirus omicron is spreading rapidly in African countries mainly in South Africa and two suspects of this variant are caught from Bengluru also.

Omicron: Todays Current Affairs

Introduction : omicron is a new variant of corona virus and this is found in South Africa and spread rapidly in Europe also . For India , this is a big threat because India has not gotten rid of the old Delta virus completely and the threat of the new virus has saken the government of India . 

  • The Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 is more dangerous than the earlier variant of coronavirus . This is not because of the death threat but in terms of spread ness . It was due to higher R0 value (2.0) and its multiple mutations and  2.0 is the highest infectivity value till now of any variant. The delta variant which has created devastation in India was of only 1.64 R0 value. Therefore our doctors are showing more concern towards this variant 

  • On the basis of clinical data of this new variant of coronavirus , it is concluded that coming one two weeks are going to crucial for India and since the main characteristics of this variant is ‘intense fatigue’ and rapid infection able which are the cause of concern (Threat)

  • On the bases of primary evidence it may be said that it would not affect those people in which nature antibody has formed but it could bypass vaccine (Even it is also not sure  but all doses of vaccine must be more effective)

  •  This virus has many thousands of mutations and all the mutations are not the cause of concern only few mutation are our concern so our medical expert should keep their close eyes over this new variant of coronavirus 

Measures must be taken by Government :

  • Government should put restriction over international flight and should test (RT PCR and Genome sequence) of all the passengers who are travelling from abroad 

  • Government should update and arrange medical facilities in their hospitals 

  • Government should restrict huge gathering of pub like like political rallies , religious function where the huge  gathering (Gathering of more than 5000) is possible 

  • Government should ensure the both doses of vaccination for all the people of India (100 % vaccination) 

  • Government should make mandatory vaccination (With out vaccination nobody would be allow to enter in any office, market and other public places and if anybody violets this, must be highly penalized 

  • Without vaccination, travelling must be prohibited

  • Measures must be taken by public

  • There are some duties of us which must be paid to prevent our country from the impact of this new virus 

  • We should not violet the guidelines of the government up to maximum extents 

  • We Should not organise functions of huge gathering up to maximum possibility 

  • We should follow all the instructions and guidelines of the Government 


After  the detection of the B.1.1.529 variant in South Africa, India must consider this variant as the variant of concern but we should not be penic. We must opt for some protective measures and follow the guidelines of the government . After learning  from the poor management during Delta variation , government definitely is ready to encounter with the coming situation  and this is the duty of all the citizen to support the government 

Questions Related to Prelims – Omicron is related to– 

For mains- There are various variants of coronavirus and in this situation what measure should be adopted by the Government of India ? Discuss in detail 

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