PM Security Breach : Responsibility must be fixed rather than Political benefits  GS Paper III, Internal security  Source : The Hindu , Indian Express 

PM Security Breach : Responsibility must be fixed rather than Political benefits  GS Paper III, Internal security  Source : The Hindu , Indian Express 

PM Security Breach-  Today Current Affairs

Context : SC to constitute panel to probe PM Security Breach . A Bench led by Chief Justice of India (CJI) N.V. Ramana indicated that ongoing inquiries by both Punjab and center would have to stop for the time being 


The incident of security lapse on 5th Jan 2021 during the PM visit of Punjab is a big inciendent. Not only the government of India but each citizen of India is eager to know the reason behind such a security lapse and responsibility must be fixed . The Punjab government has formed a committee to investigate , simultaneously , the central government also formed a committee . The Punjab government opposed the committee formed by the center government because of the fear of biases. Therefore the honorable supreme court has formed a committee  headed by one of its former judges to inquire into the matter.

What is the matter ? The Hindu Analysis

Our prime minister Narendra Modi visited Punjab to address a public meeting . He could not reach the place and had been stuck in a traffic jam because some protesters had stopped the way of the PM convoy . 

This is not the general and ordinary issue . This security issue raised the questions on  capability of our security agencies like RAW, IB, SPG etc as well as the Punjab police . Therefore this entire incident must be investigated and find out the truth 

Unfortunately, our politicians started to take advantage of these incidents . Rather than forming any committees to probe this incident , they started to gain political mileage in the coming election. 

This issue is not a political issue. This issue is related to our internal security . After expending crores of the rupees , if such type of flaws founds in the security of PM , must be really a subject of concern 

The action of SC: The Hindu Analysis

The Honorable supreme court wants to investigate the reasons for this security lapse and so that responsibility could be fixed. Therefore , court ordered that all the officers who are related with this investigation, DGP of Punjab the IG, National Investigation Agency would be part of the committee headed by ex Judge of Supreme court 

Although a show cause notice has been issued from center to its concerning officers mentioning disciplinary action against them for the security lapse . 

Who is responsible for the security of PM: The Hindu Analysis

SPG is the only institution responsible for the security of the prime minister .The SPG Act allows the constitution of an armed force for providing ‘proximate security’ to the Prime Minister of India and the former prime ministers and members of their immediate families. It came into force on June 2, 1988. As per the SPG act , SPG can take action against Punjab police 


The issue of the prime minister’s security is not only a small domestic issue , this blurred the defense condition of India in front of the world community. Therefore, the responsible person behind such an incident must be exposed and executed. Unfortunately our politicians are trying to take advantage of such a serious issue in the coming election , they are raising this issue in public rallies and defaming India at international level. First, the Government should stop such political allegations only for political benefits , and then the government should support  this committee formed by the honorable supreme court under the leadership of a retired Judge investigating and fixing the responsibility in such a security lapse. Definitely for internal security responsibility must be fixed through this committee.  


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