Pt Ram Prasad Bismil : A great revolutionary of India 

Pt Ram Prasad Bismil : A great revolutionary of India 

Pt Ram Prasad Bismil : A great revolutionary of India – Today Current Affairs

Context : Its birth anniversary of the great revolutionary of modern India today (11th June) . He led the foundation of the Revolutionary movement of the 2nd phase (After 1920s) . On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of India’s independence , the entire nation is paying its humble tribute to great revolutionary Pt R.P Bismil . 

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Introduction :

  •  Pt Ram Prasad Bismil was a great revolutionary of modern India . In fact after the sudden withdrawal of the Non Cooperation movement , many young people became against the congress and they lost their faith in non violence style of the protest. Pt Ram Prasad Bismil led their movement . Besides him some other prominent revolutionaries were Jogesh Chandra Chaterji, Surya Sen, Jatin Das Chanadra sekhar Azad etc. The name of Pt Ram Prasad Bismil is incomplete with Asfaq Ulla Khan . The Hindu Analysis
  • The revolutionaries in northern India were the first to emerge out of the mood of frustration and recognition under the leadership of the old veterans PT RP Bismil , Jogesh Chataerji and SN. Sanyal whose Bandi Jeevan served as a test book to the revolutionary movement . They founded the Hindustan republican Association (or Army) in 1924 in Kanpur  to organize armed revolution to overthrow colonial rule and establish in its place a federal republic of the United States of India whose basic principle would be adult Franchise 

Biography : The Hindu Analysis

Pt Bismil born on 11th June 1897 in Shahjahanpur , U.P He was a great India poet . He participated in the Mainpuri conspiracy case also . Beside, the Kakori incident is a significant incident of Indian freedom struggle (( Aug 1925). Under his leadership , the train was looted near to Kakori, Lucknow and this incident shocked entire British empire in India . However many revolutionaries were caught after this incident . Pt Bismil was also caught and was hanged on 19 December 1927by British .  He became popular with the last name “Bismil ” only.also translated the books Catherine from English and Bolshevikon Ki Kartoot from Bengali . He was inspired by Lala Hardayal, a great Ghadar revolutionary .Bismil composed a poem in Hindi titled Mera Janm. Beside these a collection of poems Man Ki Lahar (en: A sally of mind) and Swadeshi Rang was also written by him. In Swadeshi rang , He composed a song like mera rang de basanti Chola which in later period was developed by many poets and this song became the ideal song for all the revolutionaries . He wrote his autobiography when he was in central jail . His autobiography was published under the cover title of Kakori ke shaheed  byGanesh Shankar Vidyarthi in 1928. A rough translation of this book was prepared by the Criminal Investigation Department of United Province in British India.

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As we discussed above , Pt Ram Prasad Bismil  was a great leader and He immortalized the poem Sarfaroshi Ki tamanna ab hamare Dil me hai . However in modern days , Mera rang De Basanti Chola  and the Sarfaroshi ki tamanna are sung on every occasion of the National day . First time R P Bismil type revolutionaries gave the idea for the revolution of socialist ideas. He did not believe only in person killing but he wanted to get rid from British exploitation . He wanted to make such a new India which would be free from exploitation and where social , economical and religious justice should be given to all the people . Pt Bismil was secular and never believed in communalism . Today , all of us should learn a lesson from our ancestors who sacrificed their life for the establishment of a secular country . establishment of the secular society or communal harmony in the society would be be the great tribute to Pt Bismil on his birth anniversary.

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