Russia Ukraine Crisis : An Analysis in special context to India Russia Relation

Russia Ukraine Crisis : An Analysis in special context to India Russia Relation

Russia Ukraine Crisis- Today Current Affairs

Context : For the last several days , it has been observed that Russia has mobilized its troops near the border of Ukraine and in return, Ukraine with the support of NATO is also preparing for war. But on 28th Jan 2022 , it is said from the side of Russia that he does not want war but the west are ignoring his security concerns . War would be last option for Russia 

Introduction : Ukraine has been a part of the Russian empire for centuries which had disintegrated in 1991 during the disintegration of the USSR. When ex Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych  showed its interest towards Masco and rejected an association agreement with the EU then a mass protest had erupted in Ukraine  in 2014 

The tension between Russia and Ukraine catalyzed after 2013 with the annexation of Crimea. In fact  Ukraine is the neighboring country of Russia and Crimea has been part of Ukraine but Ukraine was inhabited by the majority of Russians which were oppressed by the government of the Ukraine. Therefore on this ground Russia annexed Crimea. After this incident the Russia Ukraine crisis had evolved and continued tending towards disaster . The Hindu Analysis.

For the last several days this situation has become more dangerous when Russia has mobilized its troops near the border of Ukraine . Against this step the Russia US also warned Russia not to invade Ukraine otherwise Russia has to face its repercussions .. 

What is the issue between Russia and Ukraine : The Hindu Analysis

After the losing of Crimea Ukraine wanted to be part of NATO. Russia is strongly opposing this step of the Ukraine because , Russia knows this thing very well if Ukraine would be the part of NATO , then Russia would never attack over Ukraine and his security issue s would be impacted .US warned Russia by last days that if Russia attacks over Ukraine , US will halt the opening of a key pipeline that would send Russian gas to Western Europe, if Russia invades Ukraine. In this way US will try to destroy the economy of the Russia 

Germany also warns Russia that Germany will  also impose some sanctions over the projects of Nord Stream 2 ( It’s a new 1,200km (745-mile) gas pipeline running from western Russia to north-eastern Germany under the Baltic sea. The €10bn (£8.3bn) project is designed to double the amount of natural gas flowing from Russia straight to Germany.)

Significance of RUSSIA UKRAINE Crisis in context of India: The Hindu Analysis

India wants to keep good relations with Ukraine also . In 2014, Indian government congratulates the new presidents of Ukraine Mr. Petro Poroshenko when he won the election. By 6th March 2014 , when the Crimean parliament passed a proposal of its independence , the Indian government issued a statement which indirectly supported the proposal of Crimea . Indian government officials said that all the internal issues within the Ukraine must be solved in democratic patter and the broader issues of reconciling the various interests involved, and there are after all legitimate Russian and other interests involved, are discussed and negotiated.”

But nowadays the situation has changed . India is facing the challenges at the border of China as well as the border of Pakistan also. In this changing situation India also seeks the support of Russia . Last month Russian president Putin visited India . therefore as per the persp[ective of India , Russia Ukraine crisis should be resolved peacefully 

Though India has been uncomfortable about the annexation of Crimea, Indian Russian relations have continued for a long time . Russia has been friend of India for long time and on many occasion Russia had supported India .Russia is also pleased with India because India, never openly criticized the Russian policy of Crimean annexation 


Conclusion : Russia Ukraine Crisis is not only the issue of Europe and NATO and Russia , this issue influences the interest of India also. The interest of India lies in the peaceful settlement of this matter otherwise it would be very difficult for India to clear its stand either in the favor of Russia or in the favor of NATO. India should make clear that all the issues and concern of the Russian security and the Ukraine’s internal problem should be resolved peacefully and with negotiation . 


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