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Context : Today is the 65th death anniversary of great architect of Indian constitution Dr Bhim Rao mabedlkr and entire nation is paying its tribute to the great social reformer today 

Introduction: Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Today Current Affairs

Bodhisattva Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was born on 14 April 1891 and graduated from London School of Economics and Political Science .He opted four time PhD in for various streams like economics, law , Anthropology and in political science .  He had versatile knowledge and He played important role in uplifting the social status of deprived persons In 1990 , He was awarded by highest Civilian award Bharat Ratna also


Role of Ambedkar in National Movement : The Hindu Analysis

He was the person who shaped the national movement in a new dimension. 

He brought all those people of India (deprived people ) who were left behind in this national movement . 

In His view , first depressed class people should be educated and then they should be aware to realize their exploitation . 

In fact he wanted every Indian free. In his view , if India became free without the social freedom of deprived persons , India would never be strong and in future civil war or conflict between these deprived people and upper class people may occur in future . So first he wanted to eliminate untouchability and this caste descrimibatin under British rule . Without eliminating this descrimination he was not ready to accept freedom of Indian under the dominance of upper class people 

Ambedkar knew that economic interdependence is equally important as political freedom . For national integration , deprived people could not be left behind , these people were majority in numbers therefore after independence he emphasized on the concept of equality under the fundamental rights . Social justice and economic justice , both are essential for the integration of a country . 

Our National movement was also going on some direction and Congress had also declared about Fundamental Right during Karachi session 1931 and our revolutionists were also shouting for social and economic justice. 

In the Peasant movement during the 3rd decade of the 20th century , the Eka movement was led by lower-class people Madari Pasi . With all those awareness among Dalits or deprived people , Ambedkar played a very significant role in the upliftment of the status of lower class people with the national integration . Once he said “if i have to choose between the  interest of the country and the interest of the deprived class, definitely I will choose the interest of deprived people”   . In this way he wanted to describe that , “a nation can not be formed without the upliftment of the status of marginalised people ”. Many times he opposed some decisions of the congress also regarding the concept of nationalism . Congress thought that once freedom is acquired and then we would implement social justice (Through abolishing the untouchability) but Ambedkar thought in its reverse,, first it should be ensured about social justice then there would be any significance of Freedom . 

Conclusion : Definitely the role of Ambedkar was very appreciable in the National movement . He never fought against British rule directly but he fought against the social evils that existed in India . He fought against untouchability. He fought against the weakness of Nations that was the social gap (Exploitative nature of Brahmanis). In this way , He awarded deprived people so that they could also involve them self with the processes of nationalism and after Independence , the work of constitution making is really praiseful  and appreciable

Here, in this article we mention about Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar as Baba Shaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar in Modern society- Today Current Affairs

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