Significance of China Pak CPEC Agreement in special reference to India

Significance of China Pak CPEC Agreement in special reference to India

Significance of China Pak CPEC Agreement in special reference to India- Today Current Affairs

Context : 

On 4th Feb 2022, China and Pakistan signed a new agreement on industrial cooperation as part of the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) plan during the visit of Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on the occasion of inaugural programme of the Winter Olympic 

Introduction : 

  • Pakistan and China are the two neighbors of India . The foreign relations with China and Pakistan have been continuously changed and recently the bitter relations are there between India and China on the issue of Chinese encroachment in Ladakh . Pakistan has been rival of India for long time on the issue of Kashmir and terrorism . India has been victim of the Pakistani sponsor terrorism . This has been the fundamentals of our foreign policy to keep Pakistan away from china. But Recently It has been observed that Both the countries are continuously coming together and making several economic and strategic alliances .. This closeness of Pakistan with China definitely increased the worries of India . 
  • Recently , During winter Olympic , China appointed Qi Fabao, a participant soldier of Galwan conflict with India and on this occasion China invited Pakistan although India diplomatic boycotted this occasion however an Indian sport group of 5 members will be participation 
  • The industrial cooperation agreement is a key part of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) part 2. Which not only encouraged Chinese investment in Pakistan but also It will bring China more closer to Pakistan 

What is CPEC? The Hindu Analysis

  • All the works related with infrastructural development in the areas connecting Pakistan and China is combinedly said as the CPEC . Under this project China will develop infrastructures throughout Pakistan . It began in 2013 . First phase of the CPEC has been conducted . In first phase China has invested in energy projects as well as road infrastructure in Pakistan 
  • The recent agreement between Pakistan and China will bring huge Chinese investment in Infrastructure development of the Pakistan as will as transferring Chinese Industrial capacity 
  • The framework will “promote industrialization and development of economic zones, and initiate, plan, execute, and monitor projects, both in public as well as private sector”. 
  • This is not only a project related to economic significance but also a project of “strategic significance for both countries” and called for both sides to “expedite” measures to develop the Arabian Sea port of Gwadar.
  • China has described CPEC as a “flagship project” of the Belt and Road Initiative. The corridor links Xinjiang with Gwadar, and also passes through Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). China is investing huge money in Pok in numbers of the project including infrastructural development and energy development
  • Even though earlier China had raised the issue regarding security of the Chinese people and the Chinese projects in Pakistan because China is more concern regarding terrorist activities inside the Pakistan . last year(2021) in the month of July , Nine Chinese workers and engineers were killed in Pakistan in a bomb blast in a bus . Even though Pakistan assured China for the safety of their people and will take strong action against the culprits of this incident. However , How far Pakistan would succeed to curtail these violent activities in his country, is suspicious . 

Significance for India :  Today Current Affairs

In fact this CPEC passes through the POK where China is developing infrastructure and investing huge money in various projects. Definitely after the huge investment, Pakistan will make its strong hold in this POK and in the future negotiations the Pakistan would be on upper hand on the issue of Kashmir . 

Gwadar port and its significance : The Hindu Analysis

Today Current Affairs

  • Gwadar Port is situated in Baluchistan (Pakistan) connecting Iran border , Gulf of Persia . China is investing a lot of money to develop this port. Through this port Pakistan and China will increase their economic activities with Europe, Africa and the countries of the middle east through the Strait of Malacca  mainly energy related.  The port is managed by a Chinese government company. To Counter it India had also started the Chabahar port of Iran and developed  the Chabahar-Hajigak corridor. But after the drastic political changes in Afghanistan , its future is also susceptible. Actually India seeked Hajigak iron and steel project in Afghanistan by the Government of Afghanistan. Chabahar Port also provides direct connectivity to Farkhor Air Force Base in Tajikistan which is jointly operated by Indian Air Force and Tajik Air Force. Today Current Affairs.


Generally India’s foreign policy has been based on peaceful coexistence for 3000 years and once our ex prime minister Atal Bihari Bajpai had said that we could change our enemies and friends but we could not change neighbors . But we always gave preferences to our security also. Definitely, the recent close relationship of Pakistan with  China is a threat for the Indian security and the Indian government is definitely aware in this regard so India should make QUAD strong and effective and look towards  its new friend like Japan and Australia . 


In this article we mention all information about Significance of China Pak CPEC Agreement in special reference to India  Today Current Affairs.


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