Significance of Domestic Workers Survey  (GS Paper 1 and 3 : Society, Economy )

Significance of Domestic Workers Survey  (GS Paper 1 and 3 : Society, Economy )

Context : By the Ministry of labour and employment, Government of India  allowed to start Domestic Workers Survey by 22nd Nov 2021  and This survey would be completed within one year . Labour and Employment minister Bhupendra yadav flagged off this survey yesterday (22 Nov 2021 )

To know the real social economic condition of the domestic workers, the government of India has decided to survey workers who are involved in various works at domestic level (Ex- Driver, gardener, Maid , Cook etc). 

This survey would be carried out by the Labour bureau at national and state level. Several parameters would be opted like whether the workers are engaged in formal employment or informal, whether they are migrant or non migrant , whether they are staying with their employer or they are staying separately, whether they were provided house rents or separately accommodation and fooding facility or not and several other socio economic factors 

This survey will also include some details of the numbers of household workers whether they are living in or out . 

The big Questionnaire is prepared by the Labour bureau. Among those questions, questions would be related to size of household , social group , monthly consumption expenditure and the nature of dwelling units . The other data would also be collected related to domestic workers like their age , social group , migrant status, duration of work and type of remuneration etc . 

Infact , Because of the cold 19 pandemic, the wage of the labourers had been impacted and many domestic labourers were either fired or their salary was reduced . We observed that the female domestic workers has to face many time sexula harassment and most of the time femmale deomec workers are found as rape cvictm. Therefore this survey would be conducted in states as well as in UTs aslo , covering approximately 1.5 lakh households in 742 dist. The result would be come by next year 

On the bases of the data received after this survey, the government would be able to know the real socio economic condition of the labourer and the level of their discontent. After this survey we will be able to find out the work place conditions of the female domestic workers also .  and the government could take measures accordingly . Because of lack of data on the employment condition, it is very difficult to make exact policy and exact way of implementation 

In fact, in any society , prosperity can not be brought by increasing GDP only , there should be a minimal economical gap in any society. That is why we have opted for the path of inclusive growth (Sabka Sath , Sabka Vikas ). 

Definitely this survey would play a very significant role to opt various measures to resolve these problems and in this way we will be able to reduce their discontent. In fact, it is very important for the peace and stability of the society that one section of the society should not be deprived and discontented so that that section could create nuisance in the society. These type of study would be milestone in the history of the Survey 

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