Significance of Japan US defense Cooperation : In Special Reference to India and China  (GS paper II) Source : The Hindu 

Significance of Japan US defense Cooperation : In Special Reference to India and China  (GS paper II) Source : The Hindu 

Significance of Japan US defense Cooperation- Today Current Affairs

Context : Japan moved ahead with an expansion of support to U.S. troops as the allies held top-level talks on Friday over tensions with China and North Korea.The new agreement “will invest greater resources to deepen our military readiness and interoperability”


After the second world war , Japan has been facing threats from the side China and North Korea .Japan was deprived from the right to wage war from any country and almost its security responsibility was transferred to the US therefore US – Japan defense cooperation is the byproduct of the defeat of the Japan during section world war.  For the peace of Asia , the US – Japan security alliance is essential. 

In Asia, to counter the Chinese aggression as well as North Korea, the defense sector of Japan must be independent and strong. Therefore the US – Japan defense treaty had been signed in 1951 but it took effect by 1960. 

What is the US japan Defense Treaty: The Hindu Analysis

This treaty allows US army to enter in any stratical important regions to protect them 

Both nations are committed to defend each other 

Both Countries would resolve any international dispute peacefully only 

Japan should bear the cost of US army if deployed in the protection of the Japan 

Significance: The Hindu Analysis

  • North Korea and China have been rivals of Japan for a long time . Both countries is anti democratic and aggressive. The chinese concern is Taiwan which is enjoying its sovereignty but China does not recognise taiwan as the independent country 

  • The new agreement “will invest greater resources to deepen military readiness and interoperability of both countries 

  • US – japan Treaty  must not only strengthen the tools which they  have but also develop new ones,

  • The allies were “evolving roles and missions of US and Japan both  to reflect Japan’s growing ability to contribute to regional peace and stability

  • Japan renounced its right to wage war after the Second World Warand has since developed a close alliance with Washington, which is treaty-bound to defend the world’s third-largest economy.

  • Japan increased the package for this treaty 5 % more so that They could show their common rivals that they will not be going to tolerate any aggression in the Indo Pacific region .The package comes amid growing tensions with China, which has stepped up incursions near the self-ruling democracy Taiwan.

  • From the India’s perspective , this treaty would be helpful to counter Chinese aggression against India 


Beijing’s provocative actions keep raising tensions across the Taiwan Strait and in the East and South China Sea and North Korea’s missile programmes in which Pyongyang fired a suspected ballistic missile into the sea are the incidents which had created the threat in South China sea . Similarly , the Chinese aggression over the territory of India (Building a bridge in disputed area in Arunachal region , Amendments border lawa and allowing Chinese forces  and civilians to protect its border). Along with these incidents happening during a month, the renewal of the US Japan Defense treaty is good news for India . Similarly Australia Japan Security Alliance is also in the favor of India’s interest . Any how , for the national interest , Chinese aggression must be counter and it can be only countered by Japan , US, Australia as well as India which is essential for the peace in Asia 


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