Significance of Palestine President’s visit to Israel  GS Paper II Source : The Hindu 

Significance of Palestine President’s visit to Israel  GS Paper II Source : The Hindu 

Significance of Palestine President’s visit to Israel- Today Current Affairs

Context : Israel unveiled a package of “Confidence building measures ” for the occupied west Bank of Won Wednessday (29th december 2021) , after defence minister Benny Gantz hosted talks with palestine President Muhammad Abbas on his first visit in years 

Introduction : 

Arab Israil conflict has been continuing for long time , just after the birth of Israel. Israel , with the support of western world, had occupied many regions of Palestine . The hostility between two countries , some time creates the problem not only for middle east countries but also for entire world because religion is another reason of this hostality and on the bases of christianity and Islam, many coutries are polarised either in the favour of Israil or in the favour of Palestine . The establishment of peace definitely will bring stability in the Middle East . 

History of the Arab Israil conflict : The Hindu Analysis

The history of the hostility between Palestine and Israel starts with the emergence of Israel on 14 May 1948 . Israel merged as a Jwesh state on the bases of Jwes races. Jews were the migrated people from Europe and during the time of the Second world war , most of the Jews had migrated from Germany because of the Hitler . 

The concept of Modern Israel is related with religious and political sources both . In fact Jerusham was the religious place for Judaism (Judaism is an Abrahamic, monotheistic, and ethnic religion comprising the collective religious, cultural, and legal tradition and civilization of the Jewish people.). By 1800 more than 25000 Jews had settled in their home land Jerusalem . In the entire 19th century Jews were trying to consolidate themselves as the political power .During the first world war , the Zionists persuaded the British government to issue the Balfour Declaration, a document that committed Britain to facilitate the establishment of a “Jewish homeland” in Palestine. The British got recognition of the Zews state from the League of Nations also . 

After the second world war , This zews state declared its sovereignty in 1948 after occupying some regions near Gaza stript . With the west support Israel defeated five Arab States (Egypt, Jordan , Syria, Lebanon and Iraq) from then this conflict is continuing 

Israel Palestine Talks (effort to establish peace): The Hindu Analysis

After becoming the new prime minister of Israel Naftali Bennett made efforts to establish peace in middle east Asia. In this regard the peace talk between Israel and Palestine has started by 22nd Dec 2021 . Mr Abbas, the palestine president for a long time, visited Israel after 2010. They discussed on the implementation of economic and civilian measures , and emphased the importance of deepening security coordination and preventing terror and violence 

These included a $32 million (100 million shekel) advance payment to the PA (palestine authority) in taxes collected on its behalf by Israel , and the granting of 600 extra permits allowing Palestine businessmen to cross into Israel . 

It is also announced the regularization of 6000 more Palestine’s living in occupied west bank which has been under Isreli control since the six day war of 1967 

Conclusion: The Hindu Analysis

Peace is ont only required for stability but also required for humanism . Humanism must be given more priority in comparison to nationalism and patriotism . definitely this effort of the establishment of the peace in middle east started by Palestine and the Israel is appreciable and world community should support such peace talks so that this human race could be progress.


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