Significance of the revival of vaccine PSUs for Public health system GS Paper 3  Source – The Hindu 

Significance of the revival of vaccine PSUs for Public health system GS Paper 3  Source – The Hindu 

Significance of the revival of vaccine PSUs for Public health system- Today Current Affairs

The honorable supreme Court Stated yesterday (13th Dec 2021 that it wanted to know the real status of the reviavla policy of the government regarding vaccine PSUs 

Introduction : Entire world is facing the problem of coronavirus . The new variant of the coronavirus omicron  increased the concern of the Indian government also . In this situation the Indian government should ensure the availability of the vaccine against the coronavirus . In this situation we should not rely on the private sector completely . Therefore Government wants ato revive the PSU and those PSUs will utilize their full production capabilities by placement of purchase order 

Yesterday the Supreme court asked about the real status of the revival scheme . In fact a social activist and former IAS officer Amulya Ratna Nanda filed a case in this regard and during  a hearing , a bench of Supremecourt headed by Justice Chandrachurna suggested that the government should file a response to that petition . 

The petition had urged the Supreme court to push the reluctant Union government to put these PSUs to use , especially after public funds were once spent to make them compliant with good manufacturing practice 

From the side of Government Solicitor General tushar Mehta stated that the revival of PSUs is the primary issue and policy of the government . 

In fact, the Government was instructed earlier in 2016 regarding the revival of PSus for the public health system but unfortunately the government did not honor its commitment . 

Central PSUs and State PSUs in India: The Hindu Analysis

After the liberalization and privatization policies , 17 PSUs were shut down by 2005 and in 2007, only 7 PSUs remained operational in India . Out of this , two are state level PSU and 5 central level PSUs .

State PSUs  

  • King Institute of Preventive Medicine (KPIM, Chennai), a state level PSU has not produced any vacancies for the past 2 decades .
  •  The only functional state level PSu today is Haffkine Institute and its commercial arm, Haffkine Biopharmaceutical Co ltd Mumbai .

 Central level PSU

  •  Bharat Biologicals and Immunologicals Ltd,
  •  Indian Institute of Immunologicals , 
  • Central research institute in kasauli , 
  • Pasteur Institute of India in Coonoor 
  •  BCG vaccine laboratory 

Government ‘ View : Today Current Affairs

Government of India is also aware with the importance of vaccine PSU, because, in this period definitely demand of the vaccine will be increasing , and PSU would be revived by government through huge investment as described by Commerce and Industry minister Piyush Goyal. he said that India is planning to produce 5 Bn doses of covid -19 vaccine next year . and India will be increasing its export of the vaccine gradually . 

Conclusion : 

This period is very crucial for the government of India in economical as well as health sector also. Improvement in the economy is also an important factor . Government can use the money collected in the Prime minister relief fund for the revival of these PSUs. Government should invest huge money in the revival programme of these PSUs. Through this one side , govt could revive PSU and enhance economy and other side govt would strengthen its health system also 

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