Significance of The Selection of Qi Fabao (Commander of PLA) as Olympic Torchbearer : An analysis in context of India- China relation

Significance of The Selection of Qi Fabao (Commander of PLA) as Olympic Torchbearer : An analysis in context of India- China relation

Significance of The Selection of Qi Fabao (Commander of PLA) as Olympic Torchbearer- Today Current Affairs

Context : A People’s Liberation Army (PLA) regiment Commander Qi Fabao is selected as the Olympic Torchbearer . This person was involved in the June 15, 2020 clash with India in Galwan Valley . It means China wants to keep Galwan Valley clash into spotlight 

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Introduction : On 15th June 2020, the Galwan valley of Ladakh region  witnessed a violent clash between the Armies of India and China. During this conflict more than  20 Indian soldiers were martyred . In the history of 45 years of the Chinese India relation this was one of the biggest violent conflicts. In fact, China entered the region occupied by Indians . China is continuously increasing these activities near to LAC (Lion of Actual control). After negotiation both countries accepted Disengagement from Galwan Valley.

Once Again China is gradually trying to revive her claim over Galwan valley and China wants to justify its conflict with India on the issue of Galwan . Therefore , in front of the world China selected that person who had been involved in this conflict . It shows the clear aggressive attitude of the China 

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Significance of this selection : The Hindu Analysis

  • The winter Olympic is going to start by 4th February 2022 and on this occasion (Opening ceremony) the function would be attended by the president of China Xi Jinping and more than a dozen world leaders , including Russia’s Vladimir Putin, Five Central Asian Presidents and Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan 
  • Qi Fabo has been earlier honored by the Chinese military after the China India Conflict in Galwan and his selection as the Olympic torch bearer is not just a small incident of the sport . It has its strategic significance . Through this selection China has cleared his vision in this regard. Although China previously hit out at western countries for politicizing the games after the  refusal of western US, UK, Australia from  the participation in the opening ceremony in Winter Olympics . These western countries boycotted China on the grounds of the human right violation in China although their athletes are participating in winter games . The Chinese government has continued to keep the Galvan clash in the public spotlight even as India and China , both are engaged in peace talks along the LAC . 
  • China’s state Channel China central Television (CCTV) broadcasted  by 1st Feb 2021 a documentary in which it was shown that Chinese PLA is patrolling near LAC as flag raise ceremonies are held in galwan Valley and boats patrolling Spanggue Lake , south of Pangong Lake . In the preview of this documentary the interview of the relatives of those soldier who had involved in Galvan clash were also conducted. Today Current Affairs.
  • Chinese military , last year has organizing many ceremonies in which these people who participated in Galvan conflict were not only praise but also they were presented as Heroes and their works as heroic work and It was shown that all the Chinese people should learn from these soldiers 
  • Through These activities China is adopting aggressive policy against India and the objective of Chinese foreign policy to make India as isolated country 

Conclusion and Way Forward : The Hindu Analysis

The fundamentals of the foreign policy of India has been to isolate Pakistan from any alliance of China. (Although India’s success in this regard was limited). But this time , Pakistan is coming closer to China in strategic relations and the invitation to Pakistan on the occasion of the opening ceremony and the selection of Qi Fabao should not be underestimated . India should reevaluate its foreign policy. Today Current Affairs.

 Current flaws should not be justified on the ground of previous flaws (Flaws during the time of Nehru and others). We also seek support from Russia therefore our stand regarding the issue of Ukraine is very balanced . Government should consider the allegation of the congress leader Rahul Gandhi on the diplomacy failure of the government. The Government should reevaluate  and should revive its foreign policy to isolate Pakistan and should adopt a clear vision in this regard that India would never compromise with its sovereignty and integration.


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