Significance of the Summit for democracy organized by United States (GS Paper 2)

Significance of the Summit for democracy organized by United States (GS Paper 2)

Significance of the Summit for democracy organized by United States- Today Current Affairs

Context : On 8-9 December a Summit for Democracy was organized by the US and more than 100 countries participated in this summit including India. JoBiden forced over  strengthening democratic institutions 

Introduction : On December 9-10, 2021, A summit for democracy was called by USA in which more than 100 leaders from different countries participated in this summit and Joe Biden, the president of America warned the world from backwardness of democratic institutions and forced to strengthen these institutions for the establishment of peace and order in the world .

In his sight, democracy is only tool accepted by the common people for the welfare and stability of any state . In this summit the US did not invite Russia and China and the US indirectly criticized non democratic acts of Russia and China . Biden appealed to the democratic countries of the world to come forward and face such challenges to strengthen democratic institutions 

Indian Prime minister Narendra Modi also participated in this summit. He stated that democratic spirit, including respect for rule of law and pluralistic ethos, is “ingrained in Indians”.

The objective of this summit was to discover new ways to strengthen the democratic institutions and make such laws through which democratic values and ethos would be strengthened . Apart from strengthening democratic institutions, another subject of concern of this summit was corruption. How to curtail this corruption from democratic institutions. Without the curtailment of corruption democratic institutions would not be strong . 

In this summit, Human right was the big issue raised by the US president that , on the cost of democracy, Human Right should also not be affected Because Human Rights are essential for democracy . 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) , an independent agency of the United States federal government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance, will work for strengthening  democracy and supporting democratic ambitions. USAID plans to announce a bold suite of new programming at the Summit to strengthen democracy work and expose, track, and disrupt transnational corruption and mitigate its impact on democratic governance and development progress by working at the local, national, regional, and global levels.

Biden stated that, Countries like America , India which has long history of democracy are not  immune to the strains and they could also take required steps to strengthen democracy 

He stated that, we see , even in America some states are making laws to curtail their opponent . Many local officials are resigning from their posts. We should take strong action against it. We should create faith and trust among the public towards democracy so that they could release their anger at the time of election In such a way peace could be established in those regions where insurgency is going on 

Conclusion : 

This summit is relevant in two ways in Indi’s perspective. First, India is the largest democracy of the world and through this the US is trying to bring India in his favor and Russia is not democratic and India Russia deal would be against the interest of America . Therefore, through this summit US wants to influence India Russia relations but our prime minister wisely stated that democracy is the spirit of Indians and democratic value system is the Indian cultural characteristic . 


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