Significance of the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Significance of the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

Significance of the visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi – Today Current Affairs

Context : India tells China that India China would be better only through the establishment of peace on the border areas . There can be no normality in India-China ties unless the troops amassed at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) are withdrawn, External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar told Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Delhi on Friday during talks that ended without any joint statement or agreement on the way forward.

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India Chinese bitter relation has been continuing which has been started after the Ganwan incident where Indian army has been confronted with Chinese army and many Indian soldiers had been sacrificed . After that , during the Winter olympics the Chinese administration appointed the torch bearer for the winter olympics who had been the culprit of the Galwan incident. India had to boycott winter olympic politically however some of the Indian players participated. The Hindu Analysis.

By 24th March  Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi visited India and met with Indian National Security Adviser Ajit Doval and Mr. Jaishankar before leaving for Kathmandu.

Significance : The Hindu Analysis

  • India and China both are members of BRICS and both had adopted the same stand at the time of Ukraine Russian conflict. India and China , both are one of the most populated countries of the world and both  countries play an important role in the peace in the Asia pacific region . 
  • However , during this meeting , India has shown his national sentiment regarding border issue and expressed China that the normal ties between India and China would be brought only after the establishment of the peace in border areas 
  • For China , India has been a good consumer also but after the Galwan incident India has shifted towards Japan , an obvious enemy of China. Therefore , China also wants to have good relations with India. Today Current Affairs.
  • To have good relations with the neighbors has been the fundamental feature of India’s foreign policy , therefore Indias also seek peaceful and better relations with China, but not on the cost of national sovereignty and integrity . The visit of the China would be helpful to improve India China relations but up to a certain extend only. The Hindu Analysis.
  • Recently China also raised the issue of Kashmir which was strictly condemned by India . In fact, nowadays, Pakistan is coming close to China. India foreign policy intends to keep Pakistan isolated in world politics, specifically India wants to reduce any possibility of the Pakistan-Chinese Alliance against India . therefore , India also wants to have good relations with China 
  • We are very much dependent on the export of automobile and mobile parts from China. We can not fully substitute these exports because of the price war . Therefore , good relation with china would be beneficial for India also 

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The visit of the Chinese foreign minister will definitely bring hope for peace in the border region however as per the past history China has never been credible in this regard . During 1960, China invaded after the traveling of its Prime minister to India. Therefore, we can just hope for a better relationship .

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