Significance of the visit of Russian foreign Minister to India

Significance of the visit of Russian foreign Minister to India

Significance of the visit of Russian foreign Minister to India – Today Current Affairs

Context : Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov is going to visit India after some days of the visit of the Chinese foreign minister . This visit of the Russian Foreign minister is the first visit of any Russian minister after the Russian invasion of Ukraine . India has been standing with Russia since the beginning during the Russian Ukraine conflict. India has abstained in UNSC during any proposal against Russia . 

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During the Russian Ukraine conflict , many economic sanctions on Russia has been imposed by western countries . Russia has been one of the latest exporters of natural gasses and petroleum products. Because of the Ukraine crisis the price of the crude oil in the international market has been hiked. India has to fulfill the requirement of the crude oil from the import of oil from Arabian Countries . But after the economic sanctions over Russia , India had become a good market for Russian oil and gas but India does not want to go just against the objectives of the economic sanctions of the western countries. Therefore India is limited up to to certain extent to shifting her import of oil and gas from Russia. Another reason behind this limited shift is that if India imports oil from Russia, Russia would guarantee to give oil to India for a long time . To discuss regarding these issue , The visit of Russian Foreign minister should be observed and analyzed 

The Issues on which the Talk between Russia and India would focus : The Hindu Affairs

  • Strategic issues resulting the Russian Ukrainian War 
  • specific discussions on purchasing Russian oil
  • payment mechanisms
  •  given the sanctions against Russian banks and exclusion from the SWIFT
  • possible disruptions in the supply of military hardware
  • There would be technical talks between the Russian Central Bank or Bank of Russia and the Reserve Bank of India this week, and a team would travel to India ahead of Mr. Lavrov’s visit, to further discuss setting up payment structures.
  • India would also be looking for clarity and assurances from Russia on timely delivery of spares and components for systems in use and of the deals under way, including S-400 missile systems and AK-203 assault rifles
  • Discussion on streamlining the rupee-rouble payment system for any future purchases.


India’s Stand against American sanction on Russia : The Hindu Analysis

For a long time western countries have been continuously imposing sanctions on Russia . America has threatened Russia to expel them from the G20 whose summit is going to be organized in Indonesia this year . India will be hosting the summit of G20 in 2023. Definitely India would strongly oppose the American proposal of the Russian expulsion 

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Definitely, India and Russia have been strategic partners for a long time . America can impose sanctions on the S-400 purchase during the visit of S. Jaishankar, Indian foreign minister to America (S400 is a missile system). India should turn down the sanctions of America regarding its strategic requirement . India is a sovereign  and powerful country and therefore should not be compelled to accept any sanctions from America. However, India has never been in the support of violence but simultaneously violence can be used to defend its sovereignty or curtail any threat over sovereignty . 

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