State of Terror : First Novel of Hillary Clinton  (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

State of Terror : First Novel of Hillary Clinton  (GS Paper I : Art and Culture )

Context :

  • Hillary Clinton, a renowned politician of the USA , former candidate of US presidential election and former  Secretary of State of USA has released her book (a novel) entitled State of Terror which she co-authored with Canadian mystery writer Louise Penny (a Canadian author of mystery novels ). This book is a fiction as declared by Hilery Clinton 

About the novel 

  • The theme of this novel is based on the contemporary issue maily raising the issues of women in orthodux regime . 

  • In this novel a female  character Ellen Adams is shown who is the protagonist and another character  Ellen Adams is also there in this novel who has been inducted into the new cabinet of the  president Douglas Williams. Earlier she was a media magnate . 

  • As the secretary of state, Adams is to unravel the issue of global terror conspiracy involving Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran with the assistance of other employees of foreign services who are of Lebanese origin and with the support of US-Pakistani journalists.

  • Before this novel , Hillary Clinton  had  already worked on some books related to  non fiction . In fact Hilary used to raise the issue of contemporary politics through her writings . The books  “It Takes a Village” (1996), “Living History” (2003), “Hard Choices” (2014) and “What Happened” are inclusive part of her thinking regarding contemporary issues related to political system 

  • When Hilary Clinton had to face her defeat in the presidential election from the hand of Trump , the idea of this book State of Terror had emerged in her mind. Even though it is fiction, at least it provides us an idea why  political leaders write novels.

  • As per the view of Renowned book critic of America Jacob Appel, the political leaders write a novel for the coming generation . In fact they want to leave their legacy for upcoming generation  

Literature Work of other Politicians 

  • In fact, politicians think that they would send their ideas and principles to the public through their literature work. Definitely some of the politicians had succeeded in this regard but many of them had failed.

  • In America , the literature work started by politicians goes back during the last of the nineteenth century when Donnelly, a Minnesota Congressman, wrote a novel entitled “Caesar’s Column” (in 1890). This novel had become too popular because it was based on technological changes in the future.

  • Former American President Jimmy Carter was the first American President who had become the author of a novel . He wrote  novels entitled The Hornet’s Nest: A Novel of the Revolutionary War. Following the legacy of carter Bill Clinton had also written a novel entitled The President is Missing”

  • Apart from these works of US politicians , Indian politicians had also done a lot of work on literature . For example – Pt Nehru wrote Discovery of India . Atal Bihari Bajpai was agoot poet and his works on literature is profoundly commendable 

  • It is not necessary that books written by powerful leaders have become much popular . Jimmy Carter’s “The Hornet’s Nest” novel had failed among readers . Bill Clinton also could not place his place among readers . 

  • But definitely the leaders of the countries of the world had done a lot of works on literature and through these literature they spread their ideas among the public 

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