Sudarshan Sahu : A great veteran sculptor (Source : Indian Express) GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture 

Sudarshan Sahu : A great veteran sculptor (Source : Indian Express) GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture 

Context : Sudarshan Sahu a great veteran sculptor received the second highest civil award after the Bhart Ratna , Padam Vibhushan 2021. During an occasion President Ram nath Kovind gave him this award . 

About Sudarshan Sahu

  • Sudarshan Sahu is a master of carving lifeless stones to create sculptures that look like mythological figures. Sudarshan, who was awarded the Padma Shri in 1988 for his art, established the Craft Museum in Puri in 1977.

  • Sudarshan Sahu was born on 11 March 1939 in Puri, Odisha. Sudarshan Sahu is a famous sculptor. The exhibitions of his works are famous in the country and abroad.

  • He learnt the basics of sculpture art from his guru late Bhubaneswar Mohapatra and Late Guru Kunia Moharana of Puri.

  •  He was the founder of Sudarshan craft Museum in  Puri Orissa(1977)

  • Later on, He established the Sudarshan Art and Craft college in Bhubaneswar with the help of the government of Orissa . This institution has now become famous and provide the training to the students who want to learn the basic skill of various sculpture making (Stone, wood etc)

  • He was not only well known in India but in the field of sculpture he is an internationally recognised person. He also decorated the Atmi Stupa of Japan . Besides an artwork of Sudarshan in London is also appreciable where he installed a stone panel based around the life of the Buddha 

  • Sudarshan received the National Award for stone carving in 1981. He received the Shilp Guru Award 2003. He received Dharmapada Award by Odisha Lalit Kala Akademi in the year 2012 and Now he received Padm Vibhusan 2021

  • He established an art and Craft village in orissa which is based on the Gurukul system . In this village students and teacher would be residing together as gurukul patter the the training would be given for sculpture making from various stones, sands, wood etce. In this way , He is protecting Indian culture and heritage 

His Works 

  • He carved many beautiful sculpture based on Jatakas stories as well as puranic stories 

  • He carved many beautiful sculptures near Dhauli Peace Pagoda in 1971 which earned him worldwide recognition and appreciation.

Stone culture has been the fundamental cultural feature of odisha for a long time . During the ancient period many temples and sculptures were made in Odisha. Sudarshan type sculptures are not only protecting this cultural heritage but also through various institutions established to promote art and culture (mainly sculpture art ) he is carrying forward this cultural heritage to the next generation. His sculptures are related to various religions. He objective of sculpting is just to give the message of peace to the world 

Through this Padam Vibhushan award , we not only showed our gratitude towards this artist but we also encouraged those artists also who are protecting and preserving Indian culture. This is unfortunate for India , amny good artists could not get sufficient recognition so they faced a lot of economical problems and they had to leave their skill . Through various institutions , Sahoo is attempting to give recognition to those artists also Therefore we can say Sahoo is real competent for this award 

Dr Anshul Bajpai 

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