The Assassination of Gandhiji : An Obstruction of the possibilities of reunification of India for always

The Assassination of Gandhiji : An Obstruction of the possibilities of reunification of India for always

The Assassination of Gandhiji : An Obstruction of the possibilities of reunification of India for always- Today Current Affairs

Context : By 30th January we remember it as Shaheed Diwas “Martyr Day ” on the occasion of the assassination of the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi. By 30th Jan 2022, Entire nation payed its tribute to the Gandhi Ji ”



Gandhi ji was not only a person who played an important role in national movement of India but he was an ideology which was taught to the world, an ideology of non violence , an ideology of truth, an ideology of Satyagraha , an ideology of humanism, an ideology of Sarvoday , an ideology of trusteeship , an ideology of social justice . His assassination on 30th Jan 1948 was not an act of a person but it was an act of the hatred ideologies and through this cowardly act , the possibility of further reunification of India had been ended for always . The persons and the ideology who tries to justify this coward acts on the ground of Hindu Nation or the demand and acceptance of United Bharat (Akhand Bharat), Infact those persons were not only responsible of partition but also responsible for the creation of long lasting obstructions in the path of reunification of India also 


In which situation , Gandhiji accepted the partition: The Hindu Analysis

Congress leaders like Nehru, Patel and Gandhiji in 1947 accepted partition which had become inevitable because of the long term failure of the congress to draw in the Muslim masses into the national movement and stem the surging waves of Muslim communism, which, especially since 1937, had been beating with increasing fury. This failure was revealed in 1946 elections where league won 90 % Muslim seats and secure almost 99% votes of Muslims 

The acceptance of partition was the final act of a process of step by step concession to the leagues intransigent championing of a sovereign Muslim state . Autonomy of Muslim majority provinces at the time of Cripps mission was accepted. Gandhi ji went a step further and accepted the right of self determination of Muslim majority provinces in his talks with Jinnah (1944). In 1946, Congress conceded the possibility of Muslim majority provinces (which formed group B or C of Cabinet Mission plan ) setting up a compulsory grouping and upheld the right of NWFP and Assam not to join their groups if they so wished .

Congress accepted partition because they could not stop violence . Gandhi was helpless because of the growing communal violence At his prayer meeting on 4th June 1947, he explained that Congress accepted partition because people wanted it . It was the Hindu and Sikhs desire for the partition that rendered him ineffective , blind impotent . In fact, Gandhi ji accepted partition for the time being. Gandhi though that there were several grievances of the Muslim regarding the protection of their interest and because of the aggressive statement given by Hindu extremists , Muslim felt insecurity in united India . Once their grievances will be addressed in India after the partition. Nationalist Muslims of Pakistan who had demanded for partition would realize their mistake and they could demand for Reunification and This United India would be stronger, more stable and more peaceful . 

Impact of Gandhian Assassination: The Hindu Analysis

Even Though, Rightist justify the anger of the Hindus on the ground of the demand of Gandhi for paying the remaining 55 crore rupees to Pakistan by India . This act of the Gandhi was understood as the act of appeasement but it is not the fact. As per the law of the partition , Pakistan got 55 crore rupees less which was stopped by India because of the invasion of Pakistan on Kashmir . On moral ground, International  and legal ground also, Gandhi demanded the share of Pakistan by India. After the assassination of Gandhi ji, the assassination and the suspicions regarding the interests of Muslims in Undivided India had strengthen in Pakistan and it was realized that , If Hindu extremists could kill the Gandhiji, a father of nation then How could the interest of Muslim be protected in undivided India . This coward ness incident ended all the possibilities of the reunification of India and those who killed Gandhi ji were the biggest enemy of the country (Ideology and persons both). They falsely claim that they support undivided India and quote the statement of Godse in which he demanded to flow his asses in Sindhu river. In fact The extremism was, is and will be the enemy of the unification of the country.


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