The New museum opened in Oslo (Norway) dedicated to the great painter Edvard Munch (GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture )

The New museum opened in Oslo (Norway) dedicated to the great painter Edvard Munch (GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture )

Context : One of the great painters of Norway Edvard Munch Whose famous painting was “The Scream” will be shown in a new  museum  opened in Oslo, the capital of Norway . This new museum of Oslo is  dedicated Norwegian modernist painter Edvard Munch. In this article we mention about The New museum opened in Oslo (Norway) dedicated to the great painter Edvard Munch (GS Paper 1 : Art and Culture )

About the Munch’s Work “The Scream”

  • This painting of munch is his the most iconic image in art

  • This was painted between the period of 1893 and 1910

  • In this painting various types of techniques were used 

  • If we observe the setting of the painting , we observe that this painting suggests to the artist by a walk along the roads overlooking Oslo, the capital city of norway

  • This image also describes that this painting was made when Much was departing from the mental hospital where her sister was admitted. In fact , it is difficult whether Much was thinking or not about himself when he made painting

  • In this painting the picture image of the nature when sun is tending towards set is painted very well and the red colour which is used to show the redness of the sky at the time of sun set is ultimate

  • The red sunset was inspired by a stay in Berlin in 1892 when he was of 28 and leading light of the Symbolist movement 

  • Though the gender of the person painted in this painting is not clear, there is something with that directness and the strong colours and lines, all of it suggesting the figure and the landscape fusing into a very strong symbol.

Other Important Works of Munch 

  • “Puberty” ,“Madonna” , spring Ploughing , Night in Saint Cloud and the sick child are also other important works of the Munch 

  • “Puberty” are “Madonna” one of the most erotic painting of the munch 

About Munch 

  • Born in the village of Adalsbruk, in Norway in 1863

  • He belonged from a one of the most reputed family of his village as his father was a physician and well respected person 

  • Since His father was a fundamentalist Christian therefore it was very difficult to make such type of natural painting and the painting of Nude women 

  • In fact , his mother, sister and other members of the family were died after illness therefore his father explained these death as the divine punishment for the anti christian works of the Munch 

  • He was the follower of impressionism 

Legacy of the Munch 

  • He was one of the most proficient artists and painters of not only Europe but also of America also. Many painters of America, Europe and the other regions of the western world had followed the techniques and subjects of this great painter .

  • The painters like Kirchner , kandinsky and Beckmann are the followers of this great Painter. They learnt the technique of intense colour and making the human figure in semi abstract tonalities. 

  • Therefore this is great work done by the founder of this Museum who dedicated this Musium to the great artist Munch . Indian art lovers also should do such types of works and they should promote Indian old art by establishing museums in the name of our great artists, painters and musicians. Private sectors and big corporations should come forward in this regard. 

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