The role of Romesh Chandra Majumdar in Indian Historiography  (GS Paper I, History Optional paper I )

Context : Today is the birth date (4 Dec) of great nationalist Historian Romesh Chandra Majumdar whose work on ancient Indian culture is really appreciable and he paced up Nationalist approach of historiography during the mid 20th century. 


Romesh chandra Majumdar was a great historian born in Gopalganj (Bangladesh) and after graduating with history honors , he was appointed as the lecturer of History at Dhaka and his work on trade and commerce in ancient India is the most appreciable work His thesis entitled “Corporate Life in Ancient India ” played a most significant role in the establishment of new concept in ancient indian culture . His other research work on “South and South East Asian History and Culture”.   He was appointed as first principal of College of Indology , Banaras Hindu University also . 

Role of R. C Majumdar in establishment of new approach of Indian Historiography : Today Current Affairs

The first quarter of 20th century was the witness of the nationalist approach of historiography , in which our ancient historian like KP Jaiswal, Sham Shastri and other indologist were praising strong political elements existed in ancient India so that they could counter British in this principle that in India political institutions and ideologies were absent . But most of these historians ignored the social and economical elements of ancient India and R. C majoomdar filled this gap . 

He stated that Ancient Indians lived in very prosperous conditions and this material prosperity were gained through international trade and commerce . In his book Corporate life in ancient India , he proved that after 6th century BC, trade and commerce in India flourished rapidly and during the later Mauryan period these corporate sectors of ancient India (Nikam) were strong economical and social institutions and sometimes , they were superior to kings also . Our ancient Indians had an adventurous spirit also and this was the reason ancient India established economical and cultural relations with the far east and west also . 

The emergence of the guild and Shreni system was well described by R. C Majoomdar and gradually those  became more powerful institutions and they influenced the social system as well as the political system of ancient India . Therefore the concept of Europeans that Indians were rich in spiritualistic culture, not in materialist culture , was very well countered and proved false . He also wrote the book on freedom Struggle of India also. 

For the 1857 revolt he stated that “Neither it was for, nor it was national nor It was freedom struggle ” and he criticised openly the decision of Mahatma Gandhi when Gandhiji ji meged Non Cooperation movement with Khilafat Movement . He stated that Congress Muslim League Agreement, Lucknow session of Congress in 1916 had laid the foundation of partition of India . 

Some time he also criticised the superstitious concept of Nationalist historians also like Hindu polity of K.P jaiswal was also criticised and He said that Ancient Indian Republican should not be compared with modern concept of republicans 


We Indians should not forget the role of R.C Majumdar in History . He was the person who established a new concept of History . He proved that Gupta age was the classical age and ancient Indians were residing in very prosperous conditions , so that we could feel proud towards our ancient culture . 


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