The Use classical music to make protein songs (GS Paper 1 , Art and Culture )

The Use classical music to make protein songs (GS Paper 1 , Art and Culture )


In the journal Heliyon of September 29 a report has been published which claims that music based on the structure of proteins has been created by the scientists. This music based protein would be beneficial for humans . In this way Art , if utilized in scientific way would be beneficial for Humans  


  • unique melodies from proteins can be generated  by using a protein-to-music algorithm. This algorithm when associates with specific elements of proteins — like the size and position of amino acids — and maps them to various musical elements then blueprint” of the proteins’ structure can be  created 

  • Generally protein music can be easily designed by simple mapping of certain amino acid patterns to fundamental musical features like  pitches and note lengths, but through this technique more complex musical features such as rhythm and harmon could not be mapped easily with amino acid ,”

  • Yu Zong Chen, a professor in the Department of Pharmacy at National University of Singapore is working on this technology on how more complex mappings of combinations of amino acid patterns with various musical features could be matched . 

  • Scientists analyzed the pitch, length, octaves, chords, dynamics, and main theme of four pieces  for this experiments for long time approximately for 19th century ,when romanticism and was on its peak in Europe 

  • In this research several of the proteins (18 proteins) were chosen for their similarities to test human emotion, cognition, sensation, or performance. 

  • Then, Scientists  mapped 104 structural, physicochemical, and binding amino acid properties of those proteins to the six musical features. 

  • Scientist scrutinised the  quantitative profile of each amino acid property against the quantized values of the different musical features to find the optimal mapped pairings. 

  • In the result scientist got very surprising results they  found that the musicality of the proteins was significantly improved.mainly  the protein receptor for oxytocin (OXTR) was judged to have one of the greatest increases in musicality when using the genre-guided algorithm, compared to an earlier version of the protein-to-music algorithm.

  • This protein sequence produced an identifiable main theme that repeats in rhythm throughout the piece, as well as some interesting motifs and patterns that recur independent of our algorithm. There were also some pleasant harmonic progressions; for example, many of the seventh chords naturally resolve.

  • Scientists are now to  explore more music styles and more complex combinations of amino acid properties for enhanced musicality and novel music pieces. 

Music , a form of Art, has been beneficial for human beings since the origin of humankind. Some sounds are very interesting and we love those rhythms and we feel some relaxation from music. It means with music our sensations are influenced . Scientists , through this work wanted to make a type of new rhythm so that it could generate protein which would be utilized for the human . In India music has its cultural significance . Various types of music are played on various occasions like marriage, delhi, Birth ceremony etc. Definitely music is closely related with our emotions 


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