Unrest in Kazakhstan and its impact over Indian’s Economy  GS Paper 2 and Paper 3  Source : The Hindu , Indian Express 

Unrest in Kazakhstan and its impact over Indian’s Economy  GS Paper 2 and Paper 3  Source : The Hindu , Indian Express 

Unrest in Kazakhstan and its impact over Indian’s Economy- Today Current Affairs

Context : A Moscow military alliance dispatched troops to help quell mounting unrest in Kazakhstan and dozens people were killed who were demonstrating against the government of the Kazakhstan 


  • Kazakhstan is a central aisan country of Turks tribes . Earlier it was a member of the Soviet Union . It is oil rich country and now days it is facing the problem of huge protest against the government . Generally Kazakhstan was a stable but repressive country so protests are not common in this country . ater 4th Jan 2022, Kazakhstan is burning in the flame of Chaos , thousands of people are killed and many are injured .As India’s point of view stability in Kazakhstan is more required . Kazakhstan is India’s largest trade and investment partner in Central Asia.

  • The protest erupted in Kazakhstan because of the hike in the price of LPG which is generally used by the citizens in their cars as a fuel . In fact , after the amendment in national laws, first parliamentary elections were held in 2021 and the government was formed under the presidency of Kassym Tokayev . 

Relation of kazakhstan with India: The Hindu Analysis

  • Kazakhstan is an energy rich central aisan country. India has bilateral economic relations with Kazakhstan also . India has good political relations with Afghanistan also  . With the establishment of Afghanistan , India opened its embassy in Almaty in May 1992 and  With the shifting of the capital Kazakhstan India opened another embassy in Astana in 1997. 

  •  Although India has had a close cultural relation with Kazakhstan for thousands of years . India has already invidede the kazakhstan president as chief guest on the occasion of 26th January celebration (2009). Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi participated in the 17th SCO Summit in Astana on June 8-9, 2017.

  •  India was admitted as a full member of the SCO during the Summit.India and Kazakhstan actively cooperate under the aegis of Multilateral Fora including CICA, SCO and the UN organizations.Kazakhstan supports India’s permanent membership in an expanded UNSC . India supported Kazakhstan’s successful candidate for non-permanent membership of UNSC in 2017-18. 

  • There are almost 6000 (As per the report of Ministry of external affair ) , most of them are students (3400) this shows that This country is the partner of Indians in knowledge imparting also .

What should be role of India on the matter of  kazakhstan’s unrest: The Hindu Analysis

Initially , India should not interfere in the internal affairs of the kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is countreing the unrest with the support of Russia and at any cost the president of Kazakhstan is not ready to negotiate with protesters because the government of Kazakhstan has already declared that these protesters or the armed bandit and the foreign militant. The Indian government should make the effort for the establishment of the peace in Kazakhstan. India should also appeal to the government of Afghanistan to protect human rights along with national security . Russia and most of the countries of the former USSR have been good friends of India, so India should maintain this relationship for a long time . 


The deteriorating condition of Kazakhstan has also been a matter of concern for India because Kazakhstan has been a good friend, partner, and Indian for a long time . Any unrest or any political instability can adversely influence India’s interstrt . therefore Government of India should keep its close eyes over the matter of Kazakhstan and support kazakhstan as per the requirement.


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