Virtual Theatre : A changing style of theatre  (GS Ppaer 1 : Art and Culture )

Virtual Theatre : A changing style of theatre  (GS Ppaer 1 : Art and Culture )


The concept of theater had to be changed into virtual theater . this example is se by Anuja Ghosalkar by setting up a new virtual theatre through which she  explores desire and erotica  and this theatre would be seen on zoom 

Since the pandemic began our lifestyle has changed completely . We have to be much dependent on the internet for searching for lovers , for  laughing, flirting or sext . The theatre had to face such types of problems also . We have to follow the restrictions related to covid pandemic until the covod does not end completely 

After the announcement of the nationwide lockdown , the theatre director, writer and actor Anuja Ghosalkar has set up the club on Instagram as a place where people could submit audio recordings of gender positive and queer erotica

The nine pieces was an ultimate work of the Shosalkar which would be shown on Zoom by   October 1  . The nine piece is documentary showing the desires of a lady who had to live separately during pandemic period 

About Anuja Ghosalkar

  • She  is the founder of Drama Queen, a documentary theatre company in Bangalore. 

  • Through Drama Queen was recognised as a unique form of Documentary theatre in India. 

  • In fact through her theatre she emphasises on  gender. Research, oral history and iterations around form and process are critical to her performance and pedagogical work.

  • Srishti Institute of Art Design & Technology, Mount Carmel College is enough lucky to have such type of artist as visiting faculty 

  • Recently, she conceived a site specific performance at Cubbon Park Metro Station called Dream Walkers for institution Shristhi 

  •  She regularly conducts workshops at Rangashankara and Jagriti on Documentary theatre for children and young adults. 

  • She has been teaching faculty in various institutions like St. Xavier’s, Wilson & K.C. College.Where she  taught cinema In the past, as an actor, 

  • a book— by Rosie Thomas published by Orient Blackswan is her appreciable work . She worked for a a National award winning film by Ashim Ahluwalia (Miss Lovely)

  • She has also worked as a programming officer at India Foundation for the Arts (2008-13) andin an Art Think South Asia Fellow (2017-18)

  • She is the co-curator for Asia’s first festival on Documentary theatre, Staged Realities 2020.

  •  Lady Anandi was her debut . this was her while she was an residing in sweden during her learning period  In this the desire of a lonely lady had also been expressed 

About Nine pieces 

  • The reflection of The range of situations of a lady who had to be in quarantine during nationwide declared lockdown . Here she tries to find a partner who could fulfil her sensual desires even though , in this documentary that lady was married and has a child also 

  • In fact through this she expressed the an specific type of the eroticism which is differ from the mainstream notion of the eroticism 

  • In this documentary there are many scene which will laugh you which creates the light atmosphere 


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